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Main aarti teri gaau O keshav Kunj Bihari - Lyrics

Watch online and listen to Main arati Teri Gaun O Keshav Kunj Bihari song from the Hindi TV serial (show) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata hai, aired on Star plus Television Channel. This devotional song of Krishna is very popular and liked by many. Hence it becomes a part of Krishna Songs Collection.

Main aarti teri gaau O keshav Kunj Bihari Lyrics in English Text

Me aarti teri gau,o keshav kunj bihari
Me aarti teri gau,o keshav kunj bihari
Me nit nit sheesh navau, oh Mohan Krishan murari
Main nit nit sheesh navau, oh Mohan Krishan murari

Hai teri chabi anokhi , aisi na duji dekhi-2
Tujh sa naa Sundar koi, Oh mor Mukutdhari (2)
Main aarti teri ………. 

Jo aaye sharan Tihari, Vipdaa mit jaaye saari
Ham sab par kripa rakhna, O jagat ke Palanhaari (2)
Main arati teri gaau ………..
Mein neet neet sish namaau, Oh Mohan Krishna Murari

Main aarti teri gaau O keshav Kunj Bihari Lyrics  in Hindi Script 

में  आरती तेरी गाउ, ऑ  केशव् कुंज बिहारि 
में आरती तेरी गाऊं, ओ केशव कुंज बिहारी 
में नित नित शीश नवाऊ, ओ मोहन क्रिशन मुरारी 
मैं नित नित शीश नवाऊ, ओ मोहन क्रिशन मुरारी 

है तेरी छबी अनोखी , ऐसी ना दूजी देखि -2
तुझ सा ना सुन्दर कोई, ओ मोर मुकुटधारी  (2)
मैं आरती तेरी  ………. 

जो आये शरण तिहारी, विपदा मिट जाये  सारी
हम सब पर कृपा रखना, ओ जगत के पालनहारी  (2)
मैं आरती तेरी गाऊ ………..
में नित नित शीश नमाऊ , ओ मोहन कृष्ण मुरारी 

O Kanha ab to lyrics and mp3 download is yet another popular song from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata hai.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Om Namah Shivay Dhun Anuradha Paudwal download mp3

This  popular Om Namaha Shivay dhun, is part of MahaShivratri songs or Shiva songs.

Wish all the readers a very spiritually enriching MahaShivratri. Below is the video song of very popular Shiv Mantra Dhun, Om Namah Shivay, Har Har bole Namah Shivay.

This Shiva mantra dhun is very popular one and is herd on  spiritual occasions dedicated to Lord Shiva  in most temples and other festivals held in love for Lord Shiva. Today is Mahashivratri Festival, the biggest festival for Lord Shiva devotees and spiritual seekers. This Shiva song continuously has the Shiva panchakshari mantra Om Namah Shivay sung along with the names of Jyotirlingas.

Om Namah Shivay Dhun - Anuradha Paudwal  Download mp3 - Here
Full song duration 1 hour 40 seconds)
(The mp3 is a very good quality file compatible with all computers, smart phones, iphone, ipad, mp3 players - if we are celebrating an important occasion, why not spend a little and get the best quality? )

Below are two video clips of Shiv dhun sung by Anuradha Pauwal to listen online in devotion.

Other similar good Shiva bhajans and songs for sacred MahaShivrati Festival of Lord Shiva

Friday, January 27, 2012

Om Namah Shivaya song - Maha Shivratri - Lyrics - mp3

MahaShivratri 2012 is approaching, next month February. Here is an addition to Shiva Songs collection for the this auspicious MahaShivratri Festival. Many songs with the most simple and effective Panchakshri mantra of Lord shiva, Om Namah Shivay have been composed. You can listen it online on above video song embedded from youtube.

This Shiva song sung by Nina Mehta and Rajendra with Om Namaha Shivay chants called Jivan ka iktara bole is a good one.

The post on effect and importance of Chanting God's name are given in posts Naamsmaran and Meaning of Om Sai Ram.

Download mp3 Samay Ka Iktara bole Om Namaha Shivay - singers Nina Mehta and Rajendra - Here

Above mp3 is a good quality mp3 file which is compatible with windows media player, itune, iphone, smart phones, ipod, ipad and most mp3 players.

You can also download the mp3 files of whole to the album, called Om Namah Shivay which contains this song plus Hindi devotional songs like Jap le Hari ka Naam, - Kuch Lena Na dena, - Jaag lo jag he ik saral, - Ye Samay bada harjai ---- Here  

Lyrics of Om Namah Shivay - Samay Ka Iktara bole in English text or words

Om Namah Shivay
Samay kaa Iktaaraa jab bole,
Jal, thal, nabh main Madhuras ghole,
Om .......

Jag ke dukh santaap re manvaa, Jab Tujhko tadpaaye, (2)
Moh Maya ke juthe bandhan, Jab tujhko bharmaaye
Japna Mukhse hole hole ..........

Jap Tap me hi saccha sukh hai, kyaa lena chal bal se,
Patit paavan naam hai uskaa,
uske Naam ke jal se, Jivan ki chadariyaa dhole, ..............

Karma hi sachcha gyaan yog hai, Karma hi kar jivan main,
Karle Karma ki uttam kheti, duniyaa ke upvan main,
Dayaa Dharam ka bijit bole ..................

Lyrics of Om Namaha Shivay Jivan Ka Iktara bole in Hindi or Devnagri script

ॐ नमः शिवाय
समय का इकतारा जब बोले,
जल, थल, नभ मैं मधुरस घोले,
ॐ .......

जग के दुःख संताप रे मनवा, जब तुझको तडपाये, (2)
मोह माया के जूठे बंधन, जब तुझको भरमाये
जपना मुखसे होले होले ..........

जप तप में ही सच्चा सुख है, क्या लेना छल बल से,
पतित पावन नाम है उसका,
उसके नाम के जल से, जीवन की चदरिया धोले, ..............

कर्म ही सच्चा ज्ञान योग है, कर्म ही कर जीवन मैं,
करले कर्म की उत्तम खेती, दुनिया के उपवन मैं,
दया धरम का बिजित बोले ..................

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mahashivratri 2012 Date - Monday, 20 February 2012

Last year, Mahashivratri 2011 was in the month of March. This year 2012, this spiritual Mahashivratri festival is in later part of February, that is 20th.

Look out for Mahashivratri songs collection for this very special spiritual night. More good songs will be added to this collection.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indra Mantra Band - Bhajans and Mantras

Indra Mantra is a Band from, Buenos Aires; Argentina.

Genere : Mantras & bhajans in pop, Latin-American and world music style.

Band Members : Ignacio Escribano (vocal and guitars)
Bernardette Ben (vocal and drums)
María Vigil (vocal and drum)
Sergio Gutiérrez (keyboard and accordion)
Sebastián Garay (bass)
Jonatan Szer (drums and percussion)

Indra is the first mantras band which combines pop, electronic, world music sounds and Latin American rhythms. The project´s main objectives are to:

- Popularize mantras and bhajans;
- Bring awareness about the benefits of singing mantras in a group;
- Offer an alternative way of entertainment for people of all ages, through concerts free of smoke, drugs and alcohol, preceded by a guided meditation;
- Organize workshops for people to learn how to play and lead bhajans;
- Raise human and spiritual values in society.

The above information is taken from Indra Mantras official Youtube Channel
                                                    and India Mantra Facebook Page.
You can listen online the devotional songs and mantra chants by the band on Indra Mantra sound cloud.

Contact Indra Mantra

If you want to buy and download mp3 music it's - Here

We will have some blogposts with Indra Mantras music videos and bhajans on this bhajans blog. Links to those will be added below, making it a list of bhajans and mantras by Indra Mantras.

Om Namah Shivaya - Indra Mantras

Those who love to listen to Shiva Songs, this song should be a treat. The Om Namah Shivaya song sung by the band Indra Mantras.

The chant's of different Names of Lord Shiva, with some good music. it's elevating and should good for daily listening. Should also be on special occasion song list, like MahaShivaratri Songs.

Download Om Namaha Shivaya mp3 - Indra Mantra - Here
Download album Niranjana mp3 - India Mantra - Here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vikram Hazra songs and bhajans

Vikram Hazra, attending his satsangs (also known as bhajan concerts or devotional song concerts) is an experience in itself. The soulful music that comes out of his electric guitar, the divine chants or divine sanskrit slokas that he sings from his devotional heart. All this touches the heart and being of the listeners.

Those who attend the Satsang or Bhajan concert does not remain, just the listeners. They become participants as Vikram Hazra encourages them to sing along with him. Singing along is not the only thing they participate in. They participate in the joy, the bliss, the dance, the meditative mood that is created during the satsang. A journey to a different, elevating and blissful world is what his satsang has to offer.

Until now, Vikram Hazra did the devotional song concert, only as a part of Seva and Sadhna to different centers of Art of Living foundation, worldwide, and he is still doing it actively. Luckily Vikram and his band, now also perform as professional band. So if you would like to enrich a Spiritual function at your home or city, or a social function with Vikram Hazra and his band, performing live, you can contact Ajay Kadam click ---> Ajay Kadam email id, who is the manager and also a band member. You might also contact Vikram Hazra for the same, click ---> Contact Vikram Hazra.

You can also watch and listen to Vikram Hazra bhajans on Sanskar TV.

Although Live concerts with Vikram Hazra are just amazing, listening to youtube videos also gives similar experience. Below are some comments (copy pasted) describing their views and experience after listening to his video, from Om Namha Shivaya video Vikram Hazra.

  • Man this is the best example of fusion between western guitar and classical bhajan :) :D
  • This guy is AMAZING!!!! Can anyone tell me, can I buy a cd of this mans music?? I am very VERY much enjoying his music and want to listen to him more often!! Namaste! Ps only discovered him today! Thanx to one of my beautiful soul sisters over in India!
  • This guy has so much devotion in his voice... really a great blessing from him.
  • You can actually see Lord Shiva smile when Vikram sings for him :) My kids love to listen n imitate the har hara hara Om on guitar .
  • So beautiful...totally soul stirring!
  • Terrific video. It brings a smile to my face even if i am depressed like hell. the part where he sings "Hara Hara" followed by guitar "jhang jhang" is simply awesome..then suddenly the tempo goes up like anything..gawd..awsome !! He is so cool.
  • Terrificccccc.......!!!!!!!!!
    Mind Blowing... No words to share the feeling out of this bhajan.
  •  This Guy is AMAZING!!! Can anyone tell me can I buy a cd of his music??? This guy is famous right?
    I am blown away buy his musical genius!!