Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shabdon Ke Jungle Mein By Vikram Hazra

Vikram HazraImage by Alpesh__Patel via Flickr

This devotional song is a part of Vikram Hazra songs and bhajans.

Yet another divinely gorgeous Bhajan by Vikram Hazra, i'll just copy paste comments from you tube where this video has been uploaded, that should tell the story.

bymember who uploaded this video says, " A Soul-soothing poem sung by the inimitable Vikram Harza"

Other comments

" amazing!!!"

"Amazing theme and greatly sung by Vikram bhaiyya"

" AMAZING!!!!!!!!!"

" Jai Gurudev,
one of my favourites! can u share this video, please. geethuraghu"

"Hi To All and and Jai Gurudev! This is a wonderfull song. If you will be so kind to share it with me. As I don't have this song by Vikram Bhaiya. Please let me know where I may get this song. Please Contact Me."

"can i have this video to download pls."

"this is the real truth of life."

"sweet n of the best lyrics ever"


"I have no Words!!!! "

"so very true..."

"Reasonating stuff "

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aditi vashishth said...

jai gurudev
well i heard this bhajan for the first tym n m cmpltly awed by it..
cn u pppleaaaase mail me this song or atleast let me kno from where to get it.
i wud b vry grateful 2 u.

Alpesh said...

On the top of the posts there a link named Download and enjoy on sound systems, home, car, computers,home theater systems, cell phones, ipod, headphones, just follow that link and it will teach you how to get the audio and video

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