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Suraj Ki Garmi Se Bhajan - mp3 download - lyrics

Above is the online video song Suraj Ki Garmi se, you can listen to this song while viewing devotional pictures. This devotional song used to be sung many a times in morning prayers of school. It has always been great to listen to this song.

Download Suraj Ki Garmi se mp3 - Anup Jalota - from Album Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota -  Here

Suraj Ki Garmi Se mp3 download - sung by Sharma Bandhu - from Album Amritdhara Ram Naam ki - Here

Suraj Ki Garmi Se Lyrics in English Text

Suraj ki garmi se
tapte hue man ko
mil jaaye
taruvar ki chaaya

aisa hi sukh
mere man ko mila hai
mein jabse sharan teri aaya
mere Raam

Jaise Suraj Ki Garmi se Lyrics in Hindi Script

जैसे सूरज की गर्मी से जलते हुए तनको
जैसे सूरज की गर्मी से जलते हुए तनको
मिल जाये तरुवर कि छाया
ऐसा ही सुख मेरे मन को मिला है
मैं जबसे शरण तेरी आया, मेरे राम~~

भटका हुआ मेरा मन था कोई
मिल ना रहा था सहारा
लहरों से लड़ती हुई नाव को
जैसे मिल ना रहा हो किनारा, मिल नारहा हो किनारा
उस लड़खड़ाती हुई नाव को जो
किसी ने किनारा दिखाया
ऐसा ही सुख मेरे मन को मिला है
मैं जब से शरण तेरी आया, मेरे सांई राम~~~

शीतल बने आग चंदन के जैसी
राघव कृपा हो जो तेरी
उजियाली पूनम की हो जाएं रातें
जो थीं अमावस अंधेरी, जो थींअमावस अंधेरी
युग- युग से प्यासी मरुभूमि ने
जैसे सावन का संदेस पाया
ऐसा ही सुख मेरे मन को मिला है
मैं जब से शरण तेरी आया, मेरे सांईराम~~~

जिस राह की मंज़िल तेरा मिलन हो
उस पर कदम मैं बढ़ाऊं
फूलों में खारों में, पतझड़ बहारों में
मैं न कभी डगमगाऊं, मैं न कभीडगमगाऊं
पानी के प्यासे को तक़दीर ने
जैसे जी भर के अमृत पिलाया
ऐसा ही सुख मेरे मन को मिला है
मैं जब से शरण तेरी आया, मेरे सांईराम~~~

Some of the comments on you tube for this bhajan

* have always loved this song from my childhood ...very peaceful and inspirational !

* beautiful, encouraging. inspiring , soothing bhajan heard this bhajan 10 times in a row

* good bhhjan

* Wonderful Bhajan. Very soothing and calming.

* awesome song , what a lovly song . bolo JAI SRI RAM, One of the greatest bhajans ever done. Thanks

* This was a prize catch.. keep up the good post, thank you so much for such a lovely song.

* Can't believe my ears what I am hearing right now. A great treasure. Thank you so much for posting such a great bhajan. My all time favourite and ever green bhajan. Very good attempt. I Can't stop listening now.

* Excellent bhajan. Have been looking for it everywhere. Do you have any more bhajans by Sharma bandhu?? If yes, then please post them.

* WOW! What a song!! Made me touch my roots!!! More please., hearing the bhajan gives totally peace of mind


ekanshcalls said...

I was searching this bhajan on the net for quite long time, but could not trace it. today suddenly i found it I am very pleased to hear it.

Many Many thanks

shweta said...

i love this bhajan

Shilpi said...

hi i want to download some bhajans. how can i do that. pls help

Alpesh said...
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Alpesh said...

On the top of this blog(, there is a link titled Download and enjoy on sound systems, home, car, computers,home theater systems, cell phones, ipod, headphones follow the link that will help you.

Gaurav Chatterjee said...

one of the best ever sung and made, in the country of gods,the one and only soother i found online..

9e said...

India is indeed Mother of All Humanity
Each and every act of ours as a Nation spells Sacredness, this song of Lord Hanuman and the Sun God a marvel and a more soulful lyric yet to be penned.
Whither Wherefore and Whence
the tardiness, the sloth and the hesitancy
Feel proud, make the country and its achievements your platform and conquer the world to nibble a little of this bit of cheese.
I am proud to be an Indian
India Here I come!!!!!

Dipak@mary said...

Om Sai Ram! What a beautiful Bhajan!I loved it so much. It made my ear pavitra. I wish I can download it in my computer.
Hey lord sai devotees,i salute you over your wonderful work.

Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram Dipak and shilpi,

Go through the right hand side bar of the blog and you will find a link for downloading the bhajan.

mady said...

Exelent Bhajan!!! Touch in my heart

mady said...

Exelent Bhajan!!! Touch in My Heart

Anonymous said...

I Like this bhajan

Vivek said...

Certainly i always cry when ever i listen this song....beautiful song..." Aisa lagta hai atma aur parmatma kaa milan ho raha hai".....After listening this "Bhajan" i feel very light...

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