Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vikram Hazra Amazing Jamming

Vikram Hazra devotional songs concertImage by Alpesh__Patel via Flickr

This devotional song is a part of Vikram Hazra songs and bhajans.

Vikram Hazra is singer of Bhajans who loves music. Very often one sees quality variations in music and singing while he is performing. Also while he performs the along with the good music and fun, there is one more element, the element of divine which the listener feels and whole of the arena is transformed into highly charged zone, which takes over most of the listeners present. Those who have done the art of living courses or not does not mater. Every one present there feels this charge.

In this video one can see his love for music, this is one of the jamming sessions he often takes during the Bhajans or Satsangs. As the jamming progresses one can see that Vikram Bhaiya as he is lovingly called shifts to some unorthodox style of playing the guitar. The jamming shifts to the strumming like tabla or drumming. The other guitarists and some other musicians realizing the sudden shift in music decides to stop participating in the jamming and enjoy what is going on.

This kind of jamming are not prepared for, they just happen and that is the beauty of it.

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