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Lord Shiva Bhajans Lyrics

Lyrics - Transcript in English

Lord Shiva Bhajan Lyrics

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Amba Sarita Shambha Shivaaya
Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahaadevaaya
Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahaadevaaya Shambho
Parvathi Ramana Sada Shivaaya
Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahaadevaaya
Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahaadevaaya Shambho
Parvathi Ramana Sadaa Shivaaya
[This bhajan is dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. Amba (or Shakti, the
Goddess Who energizes the Universe], is the consort of Shiva The
eternal Shiva is the One Who pleases Parvati. Hara is the One Who
attracts and destroys.]                                      

Arunaachala Shiva Sai Shankara
Nacho Hey Nataraaj
Bhasma Bhooshana Naagaabharana Nacho Hey Shiva Raaj
Thaandava Priya Kara, Natana Nateshwara, Nacho Hey Nataraaj
Nacho Hey Nataraaj
Dama Dama Dama Dama Damaroo Bajaavo
Jhana Jhana Jhana Jhana Paayaliyaa
Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhimi, Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhimi,
Nacho Hey Nataraaj
Nacho Hey Nataraaj
[Oh! Sai Shiva, dweller on the peaks of Arunachal mountain please do
the cosmic dance for us. With ash smeared on your body and a serpent
dangling around your neck, do the Tandava dance. Rattle your drum.
Jingle your anklets. Reverberate the earth with your rhythm. Dance for
us Nataraja.]

Atma Lingam Bhajorey [Athi] Adbhutha Lingam Bhajorey
Naaga Lingam Navamani Lingam
Nabhi Kamala Udbhava Lingam
Eeshwara Lingam Bhajorey Partheeshwara Lingam Bhajorey
[Sing in praise of Atma Lingam. Lingam representing the Snakes and nine
precious stones, the Lingam that has emerged out of His navel. Sing in
praise of the Eshwara and Parthiswara Lingam.]

Bhasma Vibhooshitha Bhavaani Shankara
Bhava Bhaya Naashaka Bholaa Shankara
Har Har Shankar Samba Shiva
Har Har Shankar Sai Shiva
Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om
[Worship Lord Shankar - Lord of Bhavani, Who has sacred ashes smeared
all over the
body [a sign of highest renunciation].Easy to please Lord Shankar
destroys the fear of cycle of birth and death. Chant the mantra, "Har
Har Shankar Sai Shiva" and "Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om

Bhasma Bhooshithanga Sai Chandra Shekharaa
Phaala Nethra Shoola Dhaari Sai Shankara
Bhasma Bhooshitanga Sai Chandra Shekharaa
Saama Gaana Priyakaraa Sai Sundaraa
Hara Hara Hara Shiva Shambho Natana Shekharaa
Parthi Vaasa Sai Deva Sai Shankaraa
Sai Shankara Sathya Sai Shankara

[Worship the charming Lord Sai: Who wears sacred holy ashes all over
Him; Who is
decorated with Moon on Head; Who has third spiritual eye on forehead;
and Who holds Trident (representing three phases each of, time, space
and attributes). O King among the dancers! O Charming One! Virtuous
persons adore and worship Thee. Chant the name of Lord Sathya Sai
Shankar, Resident of Parthipuri and Lord of Lords.]

Bhola Bhandaari Baba Shiva Shiva Sai Baba
Anaathha Rakshaka Deena Dayaala Patheetha Paavana Sai Baba
Yogeshwara Sai Muraari, Yogeshwara Hey Tripuraari
Nithyaananda Brahmaananda Premaananda Sai Baba

Oh! Lord Sai Baba! Thou art the support, sustain-er and shelter of
fallen and miserable ones. Chant the names of Lord Yogeshwar, Sai,
Murari. Who is always blissful, happy and loving.]

Bhola Naathha Hare Jagadeesha
Shaileshwara Hara Uma Mahesha
Bhola Naathha Hare Jagadeesha
Bhava Bhaya Haari Hey Tripuraari
Shiva Gangaadhara Sai Muraari
Bhola Naath Bhola Naath
Sai Naath Sai Naath

[Lord who gives all that is asked, Lord of all creation; Dwelling in
the purity and peace of Mt. Kailas, Shiva, Lord of Uma, Great God; One
who destroys fear by removing the veil of ignorance; Shiva, source of
the purifying waters of the Ganges, our Sai; Lord who gives everything,
Lord Sai, Lord Sai.]

Bhola Naathha Shambhoo Shankara
Sai Naathha Bhola Maheswara
Dum Dum Damaru Boley Shankara
Dhimi Dhimi Dhimi Dhimi Natana Manohara
Parthipureeshwara Shanakara
Bhola Maheshwara Sai Shankara

[Chant the name of Easy-to-please Lord Sai Shankara, Shambhoo,
Maheswara. Beautiful Lord Shankara gently dancing to the rhythmic beats
of Damaru [Drum].]

Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo Om Namah Shivaaya
Om Namah Shivaaya Om Namah Shivaaya
Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo Om Namah Shivaaya
Jhootajataamey Gangaa Dhaari
Trishoola Dhari Damaru Bhajavey
Dama Dama Dama Dama Damaru Baja
Goonj Uthavo Nama Shivaya
Om Nama Shivaaya

[Sing, sing, everyone in worship of Lord Shiva; Bow, surrender to Lord
Shiva; He bears the Ganges in his twisted locks of hair; He holds the
trident, his damaru [drum] plays "Dama Dama"; The atmosphere echoes
with Shiva's name; Bow, surrender to Lord Shiva.]

Brahma Murari Sadaa Poojitha
Namah Shivaaya Namah Shivaaya
Bilvaacharana Priya Bhavaani Shankara
Namah Shivaaya Namah Shivaaya
Mruthyunjaya Mahadeva Maheshwara
Namah Shivaaya Namah Shivaaya
Bhasmo Dhulitha Thejo Vigraha
Namah Shivaaya Namaha Shivaaya
Lingodbhavakara Sai Maheshwara
Namah Shivaaya Namah Shivaaya
Namah Shivaaya, Namah Shivaaya
Om Namah Shivaaya, Shivaaya Nama Om

[Lord Shiva is fond of being worshiped by bilva tree leaves. He is
Lord of Lords and conqueror of death. We bow to Thee. O Lord Sai, Who
has sacred ashes emanating from Him and illumining the Universe with
His Light. Through the creation of the Linga, the Universe has come
into existence. Chant the mantra, "Om Namah Shivaya". We bow to Thee, O
Lord Shiva.]

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