Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Durga Maa - Aarti - video - mp3

Jai Shiv Durga

Shree Duga ( also known as Mahadevi, Devi, Maa, Mataji, Matadi, Shakti, Prakriti)
video Arati (also spelt Arati, Arthi, Aarthi, Aarti or Arti)

Look for more Maatajis Aarti at Navratri Aartis.

This video song is of the Aarti of Maa durge called
Ambe Tu he Jagad Ambe Kaali
Jai Durge Gabbar waali
Tere hi gun gaaye Bhaarti
O Maiyaa hum sab utaren Teri Aarti

Lyrics of O Maiya hum sab uttare teri aarti - Lyrics on the link are both in English and Hindi language.

If you know the singer who has sung this aarti in the above video please leave the name in the comment.

Below you have download mp3 links of this Maiya aarti singers are different than the one in video. The mp3 files are good quality mp3 files compatible with iphone, most mp3players, ipod, ipad. Please listen and preview the mp3 files before downloading to ensure that you are downloading the file you want to.

download Ambe Tu Hai Jagdamba Kaali arati mp3 by singer Lakhbir Singh Lakkha - here

mp3 download Ambe Tu Hi Jagdambe Kali by Singer Asha Bhosle - here

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Some comments from devotees from utube

* durga maa ki jai ho ...........

* jai mata di jai mata di

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