Monday, April 14, 2008

Hari Narayana - Vikram Hazra - Devotional Song

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One more devotional song sung by Vikram Hazra, the art of living teacher and a singer and musician. Vikrambhaiya's bhajans or devotional songs always takes me to a different level of consciousness. Attending his live satsangs is a divine pleasure, the energy created during the satsang, the rich quality of music that goes with the devotional song and the deep devotional voice. The combination is elevating for every one. Even non devotees would convert to devotion, after getting the taste and feel of devotion. Once one feels the taste of devotion the Nasha and elevation of devotion, it needs a dumb and stupid mind to escape from it.

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kala said...

A very soothing bhajan with such a clear voice.It creates hope to the disturbed mind.

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