Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Navratri Song - Devotional - Mataji

Maa Teriya Chunniya Laal - from the album De Charna Da Pyar - devotional song by Sardool Sikande

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Some comments from the devotees and their devotion on the you tube

My friend,
You must be special for Mata Rani, for you get to do this special thing of posting GREAT Mata Rani's Bhajan. May she always love you like this.

Mata da Beta

* Great video!! Jai Mata Di!!

* this is the bhajan , i was missing from last 1 and half year .......... it is really very fantastic devotional song

* jai maa jhandewali
Teri sada hi jai

* very nice bhajan with a beautiful voice

* jai mata di..truely a bhajan..

jai mata di jai mata di

* It is a wonderful experience to take refuge at Her lotus feet; to surrender false ego to the true non-ego of devotion; Devi makes life beautiful, makes my heart so freed of suffering.

* If this was released in Britian as a single it would be a hit! And how nice to have an inspiring, spiritual song in the charts! Yes!

* Raktwarna Mateshwari Ji Namo Namo

* excellent song JAI MATA DI...!

* Sach teri chuniya lal and jhandey vi lal jai ma di

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