Friday, April 4, 2008

Sant Tukaram - Marathi Bhjan

वृक्षवल्ली आम्हां सोयरीं वनचरें

Lyrics in Marathi

वृक्षवल्ली आम्हां सोयरीं वनचरें ।
पक्षीही सुस्वरें आळविती ॥१॥

येणें सुखें रुचे एकांताचा वास ।
नाही गुणदोष अंगा येत ॥२॥

आकाश मंडप पृथिवी आसन ।
रमे तेथें मन क्रीडा करी ॥३॥

कंथा कमंडलु देह उपचारा ।
जाणवितो वारा अवसरु ॥४॥

हरिकथा भोजन परवडी विस्तार ।
करोनि प्रकार सेवूं रुची ॥५॥

तुका म्हणे होय मनासी संवाद ।
आपुलाचि वाद आपणांसी ॥६॥

Translation in English in subtitles on video clip

Some informative comments from you tube

Jai Vishnupant Pagnisji ki and Hail all those who love the Lord with such Bhakti! He has indeed put himself also in the rank of the saints he has so wonderfully portrayed in his beautiful dipictions.

* i love the calmness about bhajans! who is this sung by? could i get this on cd.?

* It is sung by Vishnupant Pagnis actor singer in early part of last century. Hapless Mr. Vishnupant Pagnis who was an actor in early days Indian Cinema played many roles of India saints including Tukaram, Narasi Mehta and Tulasidas. Most famous of his roles was that of Sant Tukaram. Later in life he assumed persona of his celluloid character only to be duped by unscruplous "friends" and towards the end of his life died impoverished in 1943.

* hare krishna * Pandurang .. Pandurang!!

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