Thursday, May 1, 2008

Saint Kabir - A mystic Poet

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This video clip gives a brief history of Saint Kabir and and His poetries and translations in English on the video screen. All the time a bhajan or devotional song of Kabirji is played.

First comes the meaning of the name 'Kabirdasa' Kabir the Arabic word means 'great', and dasa the Sanskrit word means the servant or the slave. The great servant of Divine.

A brief biography with relevant pictures is given, a good and worth watching work.

Some positive reactions on you tube for this video

* Awesome and I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps listening to his poems. Is it possible to get this song?
Good work..

* I have no words to say thanx , it is really a great effort by you. I really appreciate.
God Bless You

* woah "jab mah tah tabah hari nai,ab hari hai mah nahi"which means ego's gone and only truth left image of oneself's gone only selfless left illusion's gone and reality left.very true words powerful poetry ( hat's off ) *respect*

* awesome!!!!!!111
I don't know why, but whenever I listen to his 'dohas'(poetry), tears come in my eyes.
He was a great saint poet.
My favorite, always I chose to write an essay about him in school and collage.
I wish all his dohas videos are subtitled in English.
My hats off to your great effort.
Jaspal's(?) voice is great.

* pure and moving

* Thanks a Lot Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Creator Himself , Par Bramha Swaroop for me is my Guru Sant Kabir!!!!!!
Even the utterance of His name makes me releaved of all the pain and loneliness!!!!

* Bhagat Kabir Ji stood at the point of religious and political revolution in India. The religious revolution of Bhakti movement, Sufis and then Sikhs would have transformed India and saved it from conquest - if it had succeeded. This was non-sectarian religion as its best in India. Let's have more of this today. Long live Bhagat Kabir. May his salokas be heard in every corner of the world.

* If each indiidual in this world follows Sant Kabir's words, there wont be any war as Ego would eb completely Destroyed!!!!
The world would see only Love and Humility.
The Earth would become a Paradise.

* Veerji well done. Make more of such videos as you have talent.

* Where can I get this video DVD or Tape? These are the fact teaching that needs to be exposed. Also check googlevideos for Teesri Azaadi. Very good info. A must to watch. keep it up.!

* Kabir bani is so sweet and simple.
Truth and devotion revealed in sinple language with very catchy examples. Jai Kabirji.

* it is really a nice attempt to explore our great mystic philosphor. thanks


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amazing poet.
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please send me other songs of sant kabir on

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