Friday, June 13, 2008

Bhairavi bhajan - Pandit Jasraj - Indian Classical Music

This Hindi devotional song is the part of Navratri Songs.

A bhajan in the voice of Indian classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj. The devotional song is called Maje Saware rang rachi. The bhajan is dedicated to color सावारे the color so dear to the devotees of  Lord Krishna and Maa Kail devotees like Mira and Shri RamaKrishna Paramhamsha. The color itself would make them remember the form of god they are devoted to and send them in deep spiritual ecstasy.

The lyrics of this bhajan points to the intensity of such devotees. This devotional Indian classical song describes the spiritual emotions of Meera. The Saavra colour itself is enough to take her deep in Lord Krishna's bhakti or devotion. Meera all her life sung devotional songs dedicated to Krishna.

Even the color of the devotion or bhakti is termed, same as the color of Lord Krishna. The depth of love towards Krishna is such. Her total attention is on towards Lord Krishna. Without Krishna or Shyam the world seems to be void of love.

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