Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hindusim and Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hinduism is a religion considered as the most ancient one. The most ancient scriptures where recited in pre-classical era (1500–500BCE). The oldest of the Vedas the Rigveda written in Sanskrit language,

Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Deities

Oneness with the, one indivisible, attribute less, eternal God called as Brahma ब्रह्मा is the goal. The three most important attributes are pointed for Brahhma or God in Hinduism. Sat (Truth), Chit (Consciousness) and Ananda (Bliss). When one's mind is merged and becomes one with the eternal and limitless God it experiences these three attributes.

Various paths, attitudes, karma (deeds or action) are indicated in the Hindu Scriptures. There is also a path of devotion where the formless, eternal and limitless or infinite God takes form and the form is loved and worshiped as Master, Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved or a Child. Through intense love for divine through any of the relationship with the divine form the seeker or the devotee or भक्त bhakt merges and melts and becomes one with the God and experiences the truth, vibrant consciousness and bliss.

Many of the Gods forms are worshiped in Temples and homes. Various ways are performed liked worship or puja of God and Goddesses, chanting of Mantras and Hymns, singing the glories of Gods also known as devotional songs or Bhajans or Kirtans, remembering the God, reading the sacred scriptures and stories of Gods and Goddesses, meditation on form of God. 

Below the list of Gods popularly praised and worshiped in Hinduism and songs dedicated to them on links. 

Below the list of Goddess popularly praised and worshiped in Hinduism

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