Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sri Vishnu Sahasranaam (Short Version) 100 names

Vishnu Sahasranaam, are the 1000 names attributed to the form of nameless and attribute less , God. Each name has specific meaning. Each short mantra points to the profound meaning. In sacred text Shri Sai SatCharitra, chapter number 27, is the mention of Shirdi Sai Baba speaking about this sacred text. Sai Baba had said,

"Oh Shama, this book is very valuable and efficacious, so I present it to you, you read it. Once I suffered intensely and My heart began to palpitate and My life was in danger. At that critical time, I hugged this book to My heart and then, Shama, what a relief it gave me! I thought that Allah Himself came down and saved Me. So I give this to you, read it slowly, little by little, read daily one name at least and it will do you good."

Words from the perfect Spriritual Master, a Sadguru like Shri Saibaba of Shirdi implies a lot about chanting or reading of this powerful grace bestowing mantras. Names and meaning are given with this video on you tube.

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