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Hum ko man ki shakti dena - Lyrics - Meaning

This song is from the movie Guddi. A very successful movie and a very popular devotional and sacred song. This Hindi film song is sung as morning prayer song, in many schools across India.

Download Humko Man Ki Shakti dena - mp3 - from album Bhajans and Bhaktee geet from Hindi film - Here

Humko man ki shakti dena Lyrics in English text

Hum ko man kee shakti denaa, man vijay kare
dusaron ki jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

Bhedabhaav apane dil se saaf kar sake
doston se bhool ho to maaf kar sake
joothh se bache rahe, sach kaa dam bhare
dusaron kee jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

Mushkile pade to hum pe itanaa karam kar
saath de to dharama kaa, chalo to dharama par
khud pe hausalaa rahe, badee se naa dare
dusaron kee jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

Hum ko man ki shakti dena meaning of the lyrics roughly translated in English

Oh God, Give our mind strength, Give victory to our minds
Before we cheer the victory of others, make ourselves victorious.
(spiritual meaning could be let us gain the victory over our mind)

Let our hearts be free from any kind of discrimination.
Let our hearts and mind be always be ready for forgiveness.
Let us be saved from the lies and untruth and let the truth prevail

If we find ourselves in Difficulties, please do this much,
We don't forget the sacred and be with the sacred,
Confidence on the self remains and we do not fear the evil.

Hum ko man ki shakti dena Lyrics  in Hindi Script

हम को मन की शक्ति देना, मन विजय करें 
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें 

भेदभाव अपने दिल से साफ़ कर सकें
दोस्तों से भूल हो तो माफ़ कर सकें 
जूठ से बचे रहे, सच का दम भरें 
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें 

मुश्किलें पड़े तो हम पे इतना कर्म कर
साथ दें तो धर्म का, चलें तो धर्म पर
खुद पे हौसला रहे, बड़ी से ना डरे
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें 

Some comments from You tube for this video song just to point out how popular this song is and how it touches them in different ways.

* Thank you so much for uploading such a beautiful song!!! Can you upload the movie as well, please!!!

* Thanks for posting. Its a priceless song, shining on moral values !!

* We sang this in school!

Very nice song. Thanks for uploading, it touches your heart, brings us back to our school days. Thanks

* very old song but now days still sung

* Wonderful song! do you know who sang this song?

* Awesome...Bahut-Bahut Dhanyawad...aapnai dil khush kar diya. We used to sing this in school - never ever imagined during those days that one day I will miss it so much. I was listening to the similar song sung by Anup Jalota in his latest album (Prabhu Tero Naam - 2005) and felt it was missing something. I was longing to listen to the original and was pleasantly surprised to see this here.

* The power of simplicity and timeless values. Thanks for posting this...

* jaya looked exactly like a school girl.

* Each step you come across Indians who will testify that this song brings back memories of the school => Indians who are capturing the world today grew up with such STRONG VALUES. We Indians did not learn this through books, but with our closed eyes and open heart we manifested this in our soul, in childhood. And THIS has remained our MAIN Strength and THE Difference since centuries. Our cultural existence and a new rise today is its result. Kunal, you presented our real strength as a video! Thx.

* the beauty about this composition is it goes beyond religion or race. it is all about being a good human.

* amazing song. i can recognize the voice. It is by Vani Jayaram. I heard she was sidelined in hindi music by some other popular female singer. Well..later she became popular in tamil and other south indian film music.

* A real morning prayer.

* I just can't stop listening to it!

* Jaya-ji is so beautiful, I can't have enough of her movies; sooo respectful and sooo very pure; Seeing her in this song, I remember that I used to have my hair down pass my uniform unless I tied it just like Jaya-ji's right here. And that uniform, those knee-high socks and shoes just like that, totally me going to college like that ...those olden days was a heaven apart! Nothing compares to my mini-skirts now...oops! did i say mini-skirts? better not say anything more....

* yeah u r absolutely correct ..she seems lik a goodness..i alwz wonder is this called internal beauty..??..but im damn sure tat whenever any1 watch this video he r she must gonna remember his r hr mother.

* its really a very inspiring song!...

can anybody pls tell the movie name? it from 'Mili'?

* Thnks Kunal for this nice song. Just listening of this song gives moral energy.

* superb song

extraordinary lyrics

dusro ki jai se pehle khud ko jai karen---kya baat hai

* lovely song, but what does this mean, please?:

"doosron ki jai se pehle apni jai karein"?

* perhaps it means
"before winning over others and praise them
win over urself and applaud urself"

because as is said
"it is more praiseworthy to win over oneself(mind) then winning hundreds of enemies in the battle field."

I think so

If someone finds better explanation please post so that others also benefit.

* hum ko man kee shakti dhenaa, man vijay kare
dusaron kee jay se pehale, khud ko jay kare

bhedabhaaw apane dil se saaf kar sake
doston se bhool ho tho maaf kar sake
joot se bache rahe, sach kaa dham bhare
dusaron kee jay se pehale, khud ko jay kare

mushkile pade to hum pe ithnaa karma kar
saath de to dharam kaa, chale to dharma kar
khud pe hausalaa rahe, badhee se naa dare
dusaron kee jay se pehale, khud ko jay kare

* What a good song excellent amir kalyani , a lot of question arises after hearing Mam singing this song...

* its a really nice song!!! the lyrics are brilliant...

* wow its such a nice prayer.....
very soothing and relaxing.;........

* Brilliant composition by the late legendary Vasant Desai in raaga "Kedar" and sung by the child prodigy Vani Jayaram. This song won several national awards at the time.

* This is not a just song or pray for me. It's been an inspiration for me. We used to sing it at assembly. Each time it gives a different meaning to me. this is source of energy for me.
Would really like to thank you all, from bottom of my heart who composed, sung and posted on utube.

* This song should be for all to listen & bring peace to this hateful world where people are hell bent to destroy each other.

Thanks for such a beautiful song.

* This was my High School Prayer. Thank you so much.

* an excellent "mode" of raag kedar

* this song is inspirational in all means; it depends what u take from these words

* should have gone to specsavers!!!!!!but dont take anything away from the song.fabulous.

* In a School just like these kids. what an oscar winning performance.....

* Oscar is nothing before this song and kids. What a wonderful composing and picturization! Its best of the bests!!


Nayana said...

Our 6 year loves this song and the lyrics

p2.rab said...

lyrics attributed to Gulzar bhai

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ritesh said...

thanks for posting lyrics! such a nice song. if you agree and can, please accomodate few little corrections in hindi lyrics... thanks :)

हम को मन की शक्ति देना, मन विजय करें
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें

भेदभाव अपने दिल से साफ़ कर सकें
दोस्तों से भूल हो तो माफ़ कर सकें
जूठ से बचे रहे, सच का दम भरें
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें

मुश्किलें पड़े तो हम पे इतना कर्म कर
साथ दें तो धर्म का, चलें तो धर्म पर
खुद पे हौसला रहे, बड़ी से ना डरे
दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें

Shalu Sharma said...

Very good song for children to learn. Thank you for the lyrics.

Neetu Thakur said...

Thanks for the lyrics. We used to sing this song during school days. I feel positive vibes all around me whenever i listen to this song:) -Neetu Thakur

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Vasanthi Krishnamoorthy said...

As somebody has already said, this song is the need of the hour for the world today to combat hatred and ill will. Needs to be translated in all the languages of the world and telecasted. Hope so...........

Anonymous said...

Great song
Thanks a lot for the upload

JaiHind! said...

I am a Hindustani living in the States - This song not only brought back sweet memories of the film Guddi, but now that I am older and wiser, the beautiful words inspired the devotee in me. It is the perfect prayer for the growing mind as well as the grown ups. Thank you for making it available in the public domain with a very sensible translation to go with it. Peace and Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Beautiful Song. The words brought out the Devotee in me, and inspired me to want to include it in2 my memory as a prayer. IT is the perfect prayer for the student as well as the teacher - young and old. Thank you for sharing it, and making it available to the public. Unfortunately much of its true essence gets lost in translation, but the effort is commendable and quite apt. PEACE & BLESSINGS.

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