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Maili Chadar Odh ke - Hari Om Sharan

The above online video posted on you tube is the famous Hindi Bhajan "Maili Chadar Odh Ke" by Hari Om Sharan.

Above is the online video of the same Hindi devotional song, the small band for this bhajan is Danny - Singer/Harmonium -Mikey - Dholak - Andy - Jhal

The above is the same devotional song sung by Anuradha Paudwal

Malii Chadar odhe ke kaise mp3 download options by various artist and singers below

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download Maili Chadar Orh Ke Kaise mp3 from the album Guru Bhakti Jimi Nathu here

mp3 Maili Chadar Odhke Kaise - Various Artists From the Album Jai Jagdish Hare here

download Maili Chadar Odhe Ke mp3 Hari Om Sharan From the Album Premanjali/Pushpanjali here

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Below are the Bhajan Lyrics of Mailee chadar odh ke kaise in English Text

Maili chaadar odh ke
Kaise dwaar tumhare aau
hey paavan parmeshwar mere man hi man sharmaau


tumne mujko jag main bheja nirmal deke kaayaa
aakar ke sansaar main mene isko daag lagaayaa
janmo janan ki maili chadar kaise daag chudaaoo.

Nirmal vaani paakar tujse naam naa tera gayaa
nain mudkar hai parmeshwar khabi naa tujko dhyaayaa
man vinaaki taare tuti ab kya geet sunaau

in pairo se chalkar tere mandire kabhi na aayaa
jahaa jahaa ho puja teri kabhi na sish jukaaya
hai harihar main haarke aayaa ab kya haar chadhaau

Below is the devotional song lyrics in Hindi

मैली चादर ओढ़ के
कैसे द्वार तुम्हारे आऊ
हे पावन परमेश्वर मेरे मन ही मन शर्माऊ


तुमने मुजको जग मैं भेजा निर्मल देके काया
आकर के संसार मैं मेने इसको दाग लगाया
जन्मो जनम की मैली चादर कैसे दाग छुदाऊ.

निर्मल वाणी पाकर तुजसे नाम ना तेरा गाया
नैन मुड़कर है परमेश्वर कभी ना तुझको ध्याया
मन विणाकी तारे टूटी अब क्या गीत सुनाऊ

इन पैरो से चलकर तेरे मंदिरे कभी न आया
जहा जहा हो पूजा तेरी कभी न शीष जुकाया
है हरिहर मैं हारके आया अब क्या हार चढाऊ

Aum Sai Aum

Some comments from you tube for these online videos

This is dada Hari Om Sharan's bhajan...you are not singing to the right tune in which Dada Jee sang it. I will sing it the right way and post it soon

the idea is to sing what you can and sing it well. Not everyone can carryout a scale which is challenging. What matters is the devotion and dedication.

Jay Ho well thats very true

love this bhajan! its my dads favorite...would you happen to have the lyrics in Hindi?

wow dis is my favorite song and you sang it so nicely

Nice dholak playing where you get the dholak from......please post

Even on a different tune, you sang very well! Keep it up!

great effort. you seem to love what you are doing. your dolakya will do better with some more exposure. keep practicing. it is your dharma.

keep up the good work. you're blessed to sing Hari Om Sharan's renditions

Please post for me the name of the Raga in which this beautiful song is sung

What is the name of the Raga the song " Maili Chadar Odhke Kaise" is sung by Anuradhaji. Please post your reply.

Voice of an Angel. I hope she records "Nirgun Rungee Chaadaria re....."

jai shri ram! she has done alot of justice to this composition by the late /great soul of hari om sharan ji!


thanks for uploading buddy
it is my fav bhajan thnks a lot

true bhakti..

4th verse

Tu he aparampar, Dajalu,
Sara jagat samhare
Jesa bhi hu, me hu tera,
Apni sharan lagale
Chhoor ke tera, dwara data,
Aur kehi nehi jaoo

You are without boundaries, oh Compassionate One
Since you are the one who takes care of all of the world/creation.
Whichever way I am, I am (still) yours,
Please take me into your protection/care.
For where can I go, after leaving your door (house).

My heartiest sympathy to a great soul, will be missed but the sweet melodies of Shree Shree Hari Om Sharan will live for ever.....
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti..

very sad to know his departure, just indigestible. such a great voice reflect a true devotion too.

superb lyrics.. so realistic..one of my favorite bhanjans..lyrics applies to all of us..we are blessed to listen to guruji's divine voice..jai ho

I love every song of Shree Hari Om Sharan from my childhood.
jab bhi ashant hota hoon inki voice man ko shant kar deti hai.

truely heavenly bhajan

o goodness!! made me cry..... touching song

Excellent and meaningful song . Can any one please tell me the name of Raga this song "Mailee chader" is sung. Thank you

This Bhajan is based on Khamaj Raga ( Mishra Khamaj) and the time for this raga is any time of day.

pay attention to the lyrics, they are very very very true in our lives. we all commit sins , lets not be hypocrite when one listens to this song we just thing why we humans aka mortals did commit a sin ?
how true ? Satva guna make us think positive and make amends for our sins.


Exquisite! Beautiful Bhajan written in "Dainya Ras" like Tulasi's "Tu Dayalu Deen Houn Tu Daani Houn Bikhari"! ( Does Anyone know who is the poet please?) Watch the alliteration in the third anthara viz Hey Harihar main Haar ke aaya ab kya Haar chadhavoon. Simple poetic excellence! Beautifully sung by Hari Om Sharan ji.

Kabeera Jub Jub Me Bhaya, Jug Hasse Tu Roy, Aisi Karni Kar Chalo, Too Hasse Jug Roy, We Miss Shri Hari Om Sharan a lot...He was truely sent to this world from the heavens and has returned to his home after teaching us so much...he is immortal through his bhajans

Mind Blowing bhajan sung by Late melody singer "Hari Om Sharan Jee " His all Bhajans will remain forever. Thanks my friend for uploads such fabulous bhajans.

his songs are like heavenly experience

this bhajan is going to in my heart.I feel very very relax.

Oh lord how can i covered with a dirty shawl i' have come to your door cause i'm ashamed you sent me in this world with a clean sheet . but upon my arrival into this world i have i accumulate all the stain.

i started to listen to this bhajan when i was in std VIII. I am shocked by demise of sri hari om sharan. condolences to his family

This is a master piece which gives solace to the soul

maili chader doesn't mean a dirty shawl but it talks about the aatma or soul.

One of the great bhajan by a maestro and really made me melt in the singing and gave great solace in the time of great sufferings in my country.

Thanks Vidhasn for posting text and translation. Hari Om Sharan was really a great bhajan singer...!!

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