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Manmohan Kanha - Song - Lyrics from Meera NDTV Imagine

Download Manmohan Kanha mp3 from Meera here

Here is the song Manmohan Kanha Binti Karu which has been requested by many readers. You can watch and listen to the song Manmohan Kanha binti karoo din rain, in the video clip below. The song featured in the Television show aired on 19th August 2009.

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Here is the video clip with the song.

Lyrics Manmohan Kanha

Manmohan Kanha vinti karu din rain
Manamohan Kaanhaa binti karoo din rain

Raha take mere nain
Raaha take mere nain
Anb to taras de do Kunjbihaari
manvaa hai bechen
mana mohan Kanhaa
vinti karu din rain

Sneha ki dori tum sang jodi
Ham se to naahi jaaye ye todi
Hey Murlidhar Krishna Murarii (2)
Tanik naa aave chaiin

Rah take mere nain (2)
Ab to taras de do Kunjbihaari
manvaa hai bechen
mana mohan Kanhaa
vinti karu din rain

Manmohan Kanha lyrics in Hindi or Devnagari Script

मनमोहन कान्हा विनती करू दिन रैन
मनमोहन कान्हा बिनती करू दिन रैन

रहा टेक मेरे नैन
राह टेक मेरे नैन
अंब तो तरस दे दो कुंजबिहारी
मनवा है बेचेन
मन मोहन कान्हा
विनती करू दिन रैन

स्नेह की डोरी तुम संग जोड़ी
हम से तो नाही जाए ये तोडी
हे मुरलीधर कृष्ण मुरारी (२)
तनिक ना आवे चैन

रह टेक मेरे नैन (२)
अब तो तरस दे दो कुंजबिहारी
मनवा है बेचेन
मन मोहन कान्हा
विनती करू दिन रैन


Still Lost In Past said...


ankit said...

shree man narayan

bhav vibhor ho jata hoon, kaun sa jaadu hain is gaane mein... is this real song sung by meera bai ji ????


gurjit said...

its very very nice song

Asha said...

Such a lovely song.

Swati said...

Hare Krishna

i love this sweet and innocent voice of meera bai
Kanha ji isi awaaz per hi bhakt ke daas ban jaate hain
Manmohan Kanha vinti karun din rain

Hari Bol

ravi said...


jeet said...

One of the legendary song that have ever been heard across the globe.

gaurav said...

wher can i get this bhajan

Ashita said...

i just "LOVE IT"...can't express how i feel listening this song.

Deepali said...

This song and other bhajans form this serial express not only the desire and immense faith of Meera in Krishna,but it also awakens the Meera(devotee)in each one of us,who is so much in Love with Him(Krishna)and feels the same madness...this is the taste of Pure Love that Meera felt for Lord...and we can also get the feel of it.Kuddos to Ndtv Imagine for getting this wonderful concept..I can miss my breath but not this piece of faith oriented stories of Meera.

November 30, 2009 5:03 PM

HITESH K said...

Manmohan Kanha vinti karu din rain

paranjay said...

please upload manmohan kahna bhajan sung by
male singer taht willbe owesome
thank you

uday said...

this song is very nice.i want to download that can i download this.plz give me some information.

chiku said...

man ko vati hai yaar

Info said...

Hello there,
Can anyone please upload the bhajan dhun of Govind Gopal Radhey Radhey from Meera NDTV palyed?
It plays every time when something good about to happen.

Anuja said...

awesome song.. i just feel pure wen i listen to this song... i really want all songs of dis serial meera if any one hs do buzz me.... i really wnt to hv....

geetika said...

can't explain yarrrrrrrr,i just luv this song...

Sujit said...

whenever i hear this song i strated crying ,i also miss kanha who lies in my each breath

Arjun said...

This the magic of lord krishna.
He just takes ur heart away.
You feel the immense pleasure in his devotion.
I am blessed to be a disciple of lord Krishna.
And this song carries me to his world.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

rittoo said...

Breathtaking bhajan.Feel so peaceful just listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rittoo said...

Breathtaking bhajan. feel so peaceful just listen to it!!!!!!!!!

shilpa said...

loving and peceful bhajan ,gives mind's relief.......

dilkash said...

lovely i love it a true love between god and a bhakt

Meera bai said...

this was a beautiful song as I was hearing. I am planning to sing for Diwali to my Kannaiyah!

Anonymous said...

wow......... what's the ko chu liya.
i,am realy miss these songs.
please yhe song or serial dobara ND tv imagine par repeate karo please,please,please,please,please.....
thank you.thank you very much.
i,am waiting

Anonymous said...

meera is my favourite serial and i really miss this song i request you please repeat this serial i love meera


where can i got this heart touching bhajan to download ..plz tell me..

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