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Navratri Garba Choreography - We don't see this very often

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Navratri is getting closer. Many people who enjoy dancing in the Navratri raas and Garba should be practicing the many steps of raas and garba. There are many groups of dancers who practice the Navrtri dance in groups.

Here is a video from where they can see and learn some good choreography for raas, garba and dandiya dances.

The online video clip is from Vancouver Raas-Garba Competition 2007 garba 1st place winner

More good choreographed Raas Garba Dandya videos
Well there more online videos with good choreographed raas garba and dandia dances, so they are being added after this post have been added. This post should be getting updated with such good videos on the subject.

Diwali Dandiya performed at Indian Cultural Society Jacksonville, FL Diwali Celebrations.

Songs -
1. Radha govaldi na ghar pachvade
2. Charana charana maro chakar dhoom chale and
3. Khaikke Paan Banaras wala

Below is a video of well choreographed Dandia dance. The one who has uploaded this video on tube is one of the participant and have given the title "Dandiya... Fast n Furious" in description of video he says " The most well coordinated and challenging dandiya i was a part of

This one below goods look too

a a

Some comments from you tube for this video clip

Comments from first video clip
this is great sneha! congrats on the win! :)

Just beautiful - could keep on watching over and over

Well done Shyam Chavda. Without you the dance would not have been the same. We were in awe of your great performance. Your brief but amazing contribution to the dance has changed my life. The way in which your body moved was brilliant and we were breathless. Thank you for touching our souls with such a beautiful dance as you have inspired us to take up ballet dancing.
p.s. you dropped your lighter on stage
Chuds, Dhop and Kutyo x

Very creative. Superb...


That song sounds familiar. What's it called?

pankida re , Mehndi, mahisagar ni aare lol.... LAST ONE "dhol vaage lol" (from this song, a newer hindi song was introduced in Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam)

This is just amazing. Please show some credentials. This is amazing choreography it would be great to see the choreographer's name in description.

Absolutely wonderful.... Who choerographed this garba? What a fantastic performance by all participants... Congrats to all...Sonya Rughani -Chelmsford, UK

Does anyone know where I could find the CD to this garbo?  The choreography is amazing.

Just beautiful - could keep on watching it over and over

The song's called Garba Megamix by Four Of A was released a few years ago , if you can't find it online, I can send it to you, just send me a message with your email address

I went to see this in Vancouver. It was amazing!

wow this was excellent this was a great deal of effort from each person and i really enjoyed it and i must say that i did u some of ur steps for my sis wedding garba night

Amazing composition..I have not seen such cheoreography in India too..keep it up

how did u guys get your costumes?? they look great, but must have been expensive?

wow! real hard work for this garba keep it on

this is pretty good, but everyone doesn't always do the same thing so it's not exactly uniform, especially in the beginning.

Comments from 2nd video

jumping no good in raas and u cant do hindi for raaas

nice moves....woohooo

great synchronization good job

choreography is okay, too repetitive though synchronisation is good, take this to tampa fest you might win its good

great formations.

very interesting but looks similar to most American performances on youtube.its like all you guys learn from the same teacher or something?!

Hi, I disagree with comments on too similar or repetitious. This is really interesting, well choreographed. Would love to know the name of the song.

who ever commented 3 weeks ago, im saying that because i am a professional judge therefore i know what judges are looking for.

this is a fantastic dance. Well choreographed and beautifully danced

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Would love to get the original Garba Megamix song. Please send.

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