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Prabhuji Sada Hi Kripa – Video Song

This video song from popular Hindi tv serial
tele serial Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Bhakti sangeet or religious music, mostly makes a very good impact in Hindi TV serials and become popular very soon. This one is one of them.

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Rough translation of this Hindi devotional song

O god always keep your blessings with us.
Please lead us on the path of truth.
O the owner of the worlds
We seek answer at your feet
Although we have lost everything the code of conduct and honor is not lost

What you have taught us, we should never forget
We should be happy in whatever circumstances.
Hiding the tears and keep smiling.
O god keep your blessings with us.

Lyrics of Prabhuji Sada hi Kripa in English Text below

prabhuji sada hi kripa humpe banaiye rakhana (2)

prabhuji sada hi kripa humpe banaiye rakhana
jo rasta sahi ho
jo rasta sahi ho us par chalaye rakhana
kripa banaiye rakhana...

prabhu ji sada hi kripa humpe banaiye rakhana...
aaye do jahan ke maalik
tere dar ke hum savali
sab kuch gaya hain lekin
maryada hain sambhali

jo seekhaya na bhulana
har haal muskurana
aansoo chupaye rakhana
kripa banaiye rakhana...
kripa banaiye rakhana...

prabhu ji sada hi kripa humpe banaiye rakhana

Prabhuji Sada Hi Kripa lyrics in Hindi Script

प्रभुजी सदा ही कृपा हमपे बनाए रखना (2)
प्रभुजी सदा ही कृपा हमपे बनाइये रखना
जो रास्ता सही हो
जो रास्ता सही हो उस पर चलाये रखना
कृपा बनाइये रखना...
प्रभुजी सदा ही कृपा हमपे बनाइये रखना...
आये दो जहाँ के मालिक
तेरे दर के हम सवाली 
सब कुछ गया हैं लेकिन
मर्यादा हैं संभाली 
जो सीखाया ना भुलाना 
हर हाल मुस्कुराना 
आंसू छुपाये रखना 
कृपा  बनाये रखना...
कृपा बनाए रखना...

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