Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hare Rama Hare Krishna sung with heart and devotion, the devotion shows in the pleasing voice and the divine effect of the MahaMantra it leaves on the mind after listening to it.

It's a Video Cam Direct Upload by chiniwillly.

More lord Krishna Bhajans and songs for Janmashtami

Some positive remarks on the you tube for this video will tell something more

* Beautiful..Hare Krishna

* Hare Krsna Mataji
I admire your attitude toward Vaishnavism, as it is not just a hobby it is a way of life. I recently discovered my true self when being intorduced to Vaishnavism, I find it inspiring to know that different races like the whites are embracing Vaishnavism while some indians are converting and throwing away our dharma.............. Please forgive me if i have said somthing wrong, or somthing to offend anyone for that was not at all my intention.
Jai Shri Krsna

* lovely. Great voice.

* not at all.... no offense at all! My parents joined in ISKCON so you are not far off. Also ISKCON members also are vaishnavas, (but with some differences to my group) being a vaishnava in a simple description would be: to dedicate life to loving God,(Krsna) one of the main ways to connect to Him is thru chanting His names.

* Haha I actually did a little poking around (watching your sister's stuff too, very entertaining & educational!) & found it kinda confusing because it looked like a pic of Prabuphada in her Prasadarian vid.

* Anyway, I think it positive & refreshing to see some women my age (I'm 27) leading spiritually-centered lives. I also really like you & your sister's videos because you're showing that white hindus aren't total cult members, which, unfortunately is how they're generally perceived.

Wow that was pretty good. If I couldn't see your face I'd think you were Indian! :)

* Beautiful... Very gentle and loving :)

* I think that the fact that you don't sing completely in tune all the time, makes it so much better. It makes the listening much more interesting and the feeling much stronger. I love the folk-"ish" authenticity of your voice. You are not making polished pop out of a spiritual mantra... Thank you!

* You're welcome! You just really seem to have a sense for that Eastern/Indian rhythm and intonation. I'm curious, are you a member of iskcon or is this just a hobby or what?

reply : Well, I was born into Vaishnavism.. I am not really with ISKCON. It is not a hobby, it's my life :-)

* Hi Chini, Thank you for posting, i listen to this tune evryday while working. Thanks

* Hare Krsna..very melodious and divine..God Blees on the Path..

* thats beautiful

* yeah i like that tune :-)

* omg! that is such beautiful singing!

* wow, that was superb! God bless you!

Reply : thanks i need blessings!!

* That was very sweet tune.

* i saw krishna inside you as his love left your lips for all us to receive......shareing whats inside is a true wisdom to those who seek for him we forget his within...........i would love to put music to your voice......haribol

* sang brilliantly!

* woooow! You sang so superbly. Beautiful voice, and you carried all the tunes very well.

* Amazing fabulous ,these words are not enough to describe what my grand ma thinks about you ....
and me too :)

* lol that put a smile on my face! :-) Thank you for your kind words, and respectful thanks to your grandmother.

* hare krishna! haribol, very sweet voice like angel....

* wow, haribol, that was amazing. After hearing that i know for sure that i would only marry a devotee girl. lol. Haribol. Good job.

* Muito Lindo.
Jay Srila Prabhupada.
Maha Mantra ki!!!
Istadeva dd (HDG)- (Belém - Brazil)

* Oh My!!

The beauty of your voice is mesmerising.

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!:D


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