Thursday, August 7, 2008

Krishna Janmashtami songs and bhajans

Janmashtami the grand celebration of the birth day of Lord Krishna is approaching near. Janmashtmi will be celebrated on 24th of August in this year 2008. The day of celebration is also known as Shree Jayanti, Ashtami Rohini, Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Jayanti, Gokulashtami (as God Krishna was born in the village of Gokul), Saatam Aatham (named after Hindu calender), Ashtami Rohini.

In Maharshtra state of India, specially in Mumbai and Pune this auspicious day is celebrated as Dahi Handi, Handi or Matki are hung on heights and devotees make a human towers or pyramids to reach for the same and break it. This ritual is symbolic to the kid or Bal Krishna reaching for the matkis (pots) filled with butter hung high in His and other houses of Holy Gokul.

Below is the list of songs and bhajans dedicated to Shri Krishna on this blog, many with lyrics included. Devotees can watch them online or download the bhajans and songs in mp3 formats. For your mp3 players, mobile phones, i phones, ipod, ipad, cd, dvd and more.

Lord Krishna bhajans and songs for Janmashtami.

  • Chhoti Gaiya Chhote Chote gwal - a very popular Bal Krishna song, a favorite for 
  • Janmashtami festivals to listen and sing. Also kids favorite - with mp3 download and lyrics.
  • Hare Krishna Hare Rama chanting by a youtube video user webcam recording. Nice one.
  • New Krishna song additions in 2009
  • Video Song - Mat Roko Dagar Mere ShyamA great mischievous love song of Rahda Krishna - must listen for those who love to listen to Radha Krishna love songs. Singers of this Hindi Song - Shreya Ghoshal and Abhijit Arun - From the Album Krishna Sakha. Lyrics and mp3 download options of this video song Mat Roko Dagar Mere Shyam.
  • Shri Vinod Agarwal sings bhakti songs of lord Krishna. Watch out for a updated collections of Krishna bhajans by Vinod Agarwal
  • Ore Kanha mp3 - A song from Hindi Television Show Choti Bahu with lyrics in English and Hindi Script.


shriya said...

Hare Krishna

Do you know any good websites where I can get Radha Krishna bhagans ( audio ) I don't want videos because I'm making a Radha Krishna video:)

So do you have any good Radha Krishna bhagans?

Thank you I really enjoyed this list, but couldn't add any songs to my video because they were all videos.

Hari Bol!!

Radhe Shyam!!


Alpesh said...

Om Sai Ram Shriya,

search for the term "convert youtube to mp3" in google search engine, you will get some good sites that will convert youtube videos in audio.

Anonymous said...

can some one post the song ore kanha nainan ko nahi chain song from tv serail choti bahu (zee tv) pls.... its a beautiful devotional song...

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