Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meditation Music

I would let some comments on the you tube videos, what they say about the music for meditation. Well, these are some comments from Whooping 424 positive comments. This music has something.

* really like this song, this new cd from tony robbins has some of the best meditation music ive ever heard, check it out...


* I love listening to this song:D It's so relaxing:D stop thinking and just listen to the calm and positive energy the song spreds:D

* just something, when meditate, relax all your muscle, your back is straight up. Sometime it's best if you just open your eyes just a little bit, and remember IT'S IMPORTANT to focus on something like the inhale and exhale of your breath. It will help focus your mind. It should be a mindful meditation.

* u shoudlnt be lookin at the pic.

* Help!! The first time I ever meditated was last night and I almost had an OBE... is that common for your first meditation?

Reply : no but u probably have had many lifetimes of practise been a very good meditator. Maybe in other lifetimes u were a monk. Keep going with it, u'll be amazed at wot u can do.

* what is the name of the CD please, i want to meditate on it too

reply : Yes, that would be handy... you could just put it on your iPod or something so you can meditate wherever you go...

* what is the name of the CD please, i want to meditate on it too

* his is really spiritual, really helps me focus

* There's a mixture of emotions in it... I'd probably say joy and sadness. It's hard to tell, but it allows you to mediate peacefully no matter what mood you are in.

* thanks for posting these videos... just finished my meditation course, and its nice to find these here.

* This image is beautifull, the music is deep, smooth and invites you to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment...

* When meditating clear you mind. Dont think about anything

* every day from work i like to meditate it gives me peace of mine and gives me the modvation not to quit but i will still work to get my goals at life thank you who ever put this peaceful music up here its very relaxing

* I think, The number of viewers and the comments, shows how many people are interested in attaining calmness in mind than struggling in the outside world.

* Meditating is also a good time reflect if you want to do the type of meditation when you think about the world around you... I like doing this because I visited Ethiopia and saw MUCH poverty... it realy makes you think........

* love meditating i do in school in my japanese libary all the other schools call us posh twats because we have a zen garden and by the way can you put a link down where i can get the music its soooo relaxing :-)

* i have alot of math homework and its due soon - i was really stressed, then i found this music - and now its going great - i think im going pretty good

* well confucius diddnt play istruments ( i think - im not sure ) but he did meditate

* I feel so relaxed after listening to this wonderful music.
7 minutes of freedom for my mind.
Thank you.

* I'm pretty sure there's many Chinese tradicional instruments there If someone know more about that or someone there is Chinese pls write what u know. Is there this instrument that Confucius played on?

* I hear a plucked string instrument, but no piano, and I believe that that is NOT a flute but another instrument that is blown through that creates a lower timbre. Although, since it is digital music, it is hard to pinpoint. No piano though, sorry... (; very beautiful!! I love meditating to this.

* I find whenever I listen to this I just have to relax and meditate... Some may think it weird, but meditating is one of my hobbies. Beautiful music though... Ramira

* The Instruments in this music are:

1. Flute
2. Piano

If not originally recorded, they could be recorded with using Advanced Digitized Keyboard) with just flute as real.

Music is divine -
If One knows and recognizes the soul of music
one is divine too :)


* Namaste, thank you

* Great song but this birds are interrupting in meditation...

* I feel so... relaxed... it feels... good...

* where can i get this image?

* I listen it so much... Thanks for uploading it...

It's a bummer that you won't tell us the title and composter of the song...
It's your choice and I respect it ^^

Thanks for sharing anyway :)


* i love all dis music thanks 4 it. what is da name or how can i find these types of Meditation music 2 relax 2?


* hey rob. this music is amazing. ive been meditating lately and this music truly helped me unlock all of my chakras. from the looks of it how dont want to give your source of the music. i find that odd. i thought you would want ppl to kno. i thought tou would like to help enlighten, cuz thats what im all about. spreading the message of spirituality to every person i can.

* Anyone know where I can find the picture used in this? Sitting by the water reminds me of what I like to do :)

* Robbie, why so tight fisted man? Come on give us the name of the musician and the piece of music. We swear by god we will chant your name gazillion times before playing the CD.

* that picture is really really calming for some reason. is there anywhere i can download it? thanks


*sigh* i listen to this every night after footbll or baseball pratice :D

* I love it! it's so southing and calming. I did an exercise of healing yesterday listening to it, and it was really magical for me. Thanks! Namaste.

* who wrote this piece of wonderful music its so chilling. We even listened to this in our re lesson to calm us down it works i think its wonderful

* i dont use meditation to be intouch with god..... for me it makes me a more happier person.and people like being around me because of my happyness

* Hi Robbie!
Thank You for the wonderful Meditation Music!
The music touch my soul so deeply, and i wonder, may you please send it to me? I will be so happy if you do:-))
thank You.
My em msn is: im_violetflame hotmail com.
Peace, Love and Light.

* Chill

* good msic i dont meditate much but i am or was way to crazy and hyper now im calmed down + i didnt meditate just the music

* this helped me calm down after my grandmother was in a car accident. Thank you soo much for posting this range of music. I use it to meditate every night now.

* It is very relaxing and it sounds great. What is the melody called?

* so nice and pure, that's for sure.

* Yeah, very good.. wow this is great! Very relaxing music meditation.
Nice to listen!

* Still mind
Stone and water
Vibrant green reaching to the sky
The whispers of ones true nature
sooth the weary mind

* Does anyone have any tips for downloading this kind of music, titles, artists? Or sounds of nature and stuff like that, it's beautiful..

* wow. I feal difrent now not realy sure how to explain but i do. Im gonna listen to it and meditate one more time.

Liked it very much, and all the comments are soothing and elevating :) ,i have yet grace descending meditation on Shirdi Sai Baba, for me it surpasses this music.

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