Friday, March 21, 2008

Radha Krishna Raas Leela

This is a video clip from a television serial on Shri Krishna. Radha & Krishna perform Raas Leela in Golok while Narad scours the heavens in vain to find them. Sage Narada boast that it is very easy to reach anywhere for him and he goes on to search the God. It is symbolically very well shown in this video clip, how ego prevents one from meeting God. Even , the great sage Narada, who spends most time with God. When the arrogance enters that he will search for Shri Krishna and it is not difficult for him to reach anyway, is deluded from meeting the God.

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When Radha asks Shri Krishna, not to be tough on Narada, Shri Krishna replies that one has to reap what one sows, and specially for the devotees so close and loved by HIM, He would not even allow slightest of mistakes that can take His devotees away from his love and devotion.

So the near and dear devotees suffer instantly for even the slightest act of ego, so that they realize their mistakes and do not go farther away from Him.

The devotee realizes his mistake and ask for the forgiveness, Shri Krishna is too happy to find his devotee realizing the mistake and coming back to HIM.

When the devotee leaves his ego and calls for the God in agony, he does not have to search for God. God comes rushing to him with Love.

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