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Shiva Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram - Lyrics - download mp3

This a short and beautiful strotram in devotion to 12 Jyotirlinga. This online streaming video uploaded on you tube, has very divine and soothing strotram sung, with pictures of Shiv Lingam or Jyotirlinga temples. for more about 12 Jyotirlinga visit this link.

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The Sacred Chants of Lord Shiva
Lyrics of Shiva Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram

saurashtre somanatham cha shrishaile mallikArjunam |
ujjayinyam mahakalamo~OMkAramamaleshwaram ||

paralyam vaidyanatham cha dakinyam bhimashankaram |
setubandhe tu rameshaM nageshaM darukavane ||

varanasyAM tu vishvesham tryambakam gautamitate |
himalaye tu kedaram ghushmesham cha shivalaye ||

etani jyotirlingani sayaM prataH pathennarah |
saptajanmakritaM papaM smaranena vinashyati |

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About the strotram sung i would like to copy paste few comments on you tube for this video, that would tell the story

* Its good one. can anybody please name the album name and artist details?

* Amazing song..Thank you !!

* Awesome song!! Loved the combination with beats - sounds good!!

* This is a Brilliant Song. I have said Song because the beats, the voice etc synchronized to produce a song effect. The Singers and Music Hats off.

Thank You JustPrams you are doing great work!!!

Om Namaha Shivaya.

* Trilochanay Mahakalay Namah

* Thank you.
May i have a audio of this beautiful praise.

* A sweet Melody. Excellent video. Highly recommended.

* Thanks a lot! What Can I say, but my day starts with this song evry day!!!!

Thanks once again! God Bless You!

*This is an excellent video and audio, veyr soothing. Please help me in getting the source of this audio clip, excellent voice.

After a very long time, i have listened something that gives peace in mind.

Please, please let me know the source, so i can even buy that CD...AWESOME audio and voice.


* awesome!!

* superb!

beyond any rating!

thanks for posting

* Excellent

* Gives peace and focus to my mind...I am dying to put it on a CD and listen to it all the time...Could you please upload the audio some where and share it?

Thank you very much in advance.

* Superb..!

* om namah shivaya excellent voice and music , good work jai hind

* Amazing song! Very soothing!

* heavenly :)

* Wonderful job in making the video,however the beat was a bit too modern to attach a soothing tone to it.Good job overall.

* jhakkass man

* The devotional spirit is fully evident in this modern Western sounding hymn.Pleasing voice adds to the devotional fervour.Thanks!

* Beautiful..! Continue the good work.
Love the voice.

May lord shine more light upon you.!

* Gr**************888 Post....brother....
Many many thanks 4 such a nice intervening music...!!

* A peaceful and melodious Shiva chant. Please e-mail video to me.

* Awesome man!!!

After reading all these comments on you tube, i am really at lose to put anything extra to this video.

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