Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman

Above is a new video added with lyrics in Hindi script and English Text written on the video so that we can chant or sing Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman with this online video.

Here is the video of the song I love -this Rama Stuti Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman by Sri Tulasidas is one of my favorite soothing ,loving ,melodious, popular bhajan .

My grandfather used to sing it during his prayer time and listen it on the tape ,I being a small girl never understood its meaning or significance but liked the way it sounded. As the time passed I could see my father listening and humming it so liking for the song grew at the very early stage. And now as I understand what it means and what is its significance its one of my favorite bhajans among so many that I like .

I always wanted to understand what sounded so melodious, so rhythmic and flowing like a river had what meaning ?? and for all of you who like this and want to know what it means here is the lyrics with its meaning in English .May Lord Ram bless each and everyone.

Lyrics of Sri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman :

(With its English Translation)

Shriramachandra kripalu bhaju man haran bhavabhai darunam,
Navakanja-lochana, kanjamukha, kara kanja pada kanjarunam.

O my heart! Sing praises of Sri Ram, Who absolves the greatest fears due to the cycle of life and death, and Whose eyes, mouth, hands, and feet are like a newly blooming red lotus

Kandarpa aganita amit chavinava neel-neeraja sundaram,
Pata peet manahu tadita ruchi shuchi noumi, janaka sutavaram.

I bow to Sri Ram, Whose beauty cannot be compared with that of the cupid Kamdev, Whose pleasing appearance is beyond any measures, Whose body is like a newly formed dense blue cloud, Whose yellow robes are shining like lightening (on His cloud like body), Whose beauty is gleaming, and Who is the consort of the daughter of Janak (Sita)

Bhaju deenbandhu dinesh danav-daitya-vansha-nikandanam,
Raghunand anandakand koshalachandra dasharath-nanadanam.

Sing praises of Sri Ram, Who is the friend of poor, Who is the Lord of Sun, Who expurgated the lineage of demons from Danu and Diti, Who is the dear one of Raghu, Who is like a cloud of happiness, Who is like a moon for Kausalya, and Who is dear one of Dashrath

Sira mukuta kundala tilaka charu udaru anga vibhushanam,
Aajaanubhuja shara-chaapa-dhara, sangrama-jita-khara dushanam.

Sing praises of Sri Ram, Who has a beautiful crown on His head, Who is adorned with ear-hoops, Who has a beautiful colored mark (tilak) on His forehead, Who has expanded and beautiful organs decorated by ornaments, Who has long hands reaching His knees, Who holds a bow and an arrow, and Who defeated Khar and Dushan in a fierce battle

Iti vadati tulasidasa shankara-sesha-muni-mana-ranjanam,
Mama hridai kanja-nivaasa kuru, kaamaadi khala-dala-ganjanam

Tulsidas says this; Ram, the enticer of Shiv, Shesh (Sheshnag), and saints, reside in my lotus-like-heart and destroy the evils generated by desire


Urvi said...

thanx a lot. i was looking for it every where

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have been going crazy trying to find the meaning of this song! May God bless you!!

Gopikrishna said...

Wheni heard my mother sing this, I immediately knew i wanted to learn and recite this. I kind of memorized this today but wanted to know the meaning and did a google.. and here I am now enlightened by the meaning. Thank you very very much.

- Nikhil Maheshwari.

A thought said...

Do you have the music notes for this one? if so, pls do do tell me.


Alpesh said...

no i will post the music notes when i get them.

neel said...

thanks but i was looking for the reltionship between the last doha
ehi bhati gauri ....... said...

thanks so much for this, i chanted this ever since i was a kid, but got to know its meaning only today

Prachi Priyadarshini said...

thanks a lot for this.i always wanted to know the meaning of this wonderful and melodious prayer.god bless u dear

sumeet said...

Thankyou Sir for the meaning of this Great Bhajan

juhi... said...

thanks a lot, i really love this melodious, rich n soothing stuti..

Ekansh said...

my 2.5 years son sleeps by listening this only

Dr Ashish Mahobia said...

Oh..u r so thoughtful and full of divine love for Lord Ramas feet. Thanks a million. May Lord Rama bless u always. RAAm!

Manish said...

Manisha ji, Your thoughts and endeavor, both rightfully deserve great praise. Anyway THANX for providing us with the soulful & soothing bhajans.

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