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Shiva Manas Puja - mp3 - Lyrics - Meaning

A video with excellent audio of Shiva Manas Pooja, the Mantras are chanted with sweet voice and the divine sacred qualities of the Shiva Mantra puja fills the heart, body and mind. It takes the mind in divine realm of Shiva Mantra. Really a great piece of Shiv Mantra chanting or music or whatever one might want to say. Words cannot convey the feeling one gets.

Download Shiv Mantra mp3

Download Shiv Manas Puja mp3 Singers of the Art of Living here

Sung by Ashit Desai here

 Shiva Manas Puja Remix mp3 Living Stone here

Shiva Manas Puja Intro mp3 Swaha here

Shiva Manas Puja Sri Adi Shankara here 

Lyrics of Shiva Manas Puja and translation or meaning in English

rat_naiH kalpitamaasanaM himajalaiH s_naanaM cha divyaambaraM
naanaarat_navibhuuShitaM mR^igamadaamodaaN^kitaM chandanam.h .
jaatiichampakabilvapatrarachitaM puShpaM cha dhuupaM tathaa
diipaM deva dayaanidhe pashupate hR^itkalpitaM gR^ihyataam.h .. 1..

O ocean of mercy, O master of bound creatures, I have imagined a throne
of precious stones for You, cool water for You to bathe in,
divine robes adorned with many jewels, sandalwood paste mixed
with musk to anoint Your body, jasmine and champaka flowers and
bilva leaves, rare incense, and a shining flame.
Accept all these which I have imagined in my heart for You, O God. 1

sauvarNe navarat_nakhaNDarachite paatre ghR^itaM paayasaM
bhakShyaM paJN_chavidhaM payodadhiyutaM rambhaaphalaM paanakam.h .
shaakaanaamayutaM jalaM ruchikaraM karpuurakhaNDojjvalaM
taambuulaM manasaa mayaa virachitaM bhak_t_yaa prabho sviikuru .. 2..

Sweet rice in a golden bowl inlaid with the nine jewels, the five
kinds of food made from milk and curd, bananas, vegetables,
sweet water scented with camphor, and betel leaf\-\-\-
I have prepared all these in my mind with devotion.
O Lord, please accept them. 2

chhatraM chaamarayoryugaM vyajanakaM chaadarshakaM nirmalam.h
viiNaabherimR^idaN^gakaahalakalaa giitaM cha nR^ityaM tathaa .
saaShTaaN^gaM praNatiH stutirbahuvidhaa hyetatsamastaM mayaa
saN^kalpena samarpitaM tava vibho puujaaM gR^ihaaNa prabho .. 3..

A canopy, two yak-tail whisks, a fan and a spotless mirror, a viiNaa,
kettledrums, a mridang and a great drum, songs and dancing, full prostrations,
and many kinds of hymns\-\-\- all this I offer You in my imagination.
O almighty Lord, accept this, my worship of You. 4

aatmaa tvaM girijaa matiH sahacharaaH praaNaaH shariiraM gR^ihaM
puujaa te viShayopabhogarachanaa nidraa samaadhisthitiH .
saJN_chaaraH padayoH pradakShiNavidhiH stotraaNi sarvaa giro
yadyatkarma karomi tattadakhilaM shambho tavaaraadhanam.h .. 4..

You are my Self; paarvatii is my reason. My five praaNaas are
Your attendants, my body is Your house, and all the pleasures of
my senses are objects to use for Your worship. My sleep is
Your state of samaadhii. Wherever I walk I am walking around You,
everything I say is in praise of You, everything I do is in devotion to You,
O benevolent Lord! 4

karacharaNa kR^itaM vaak_kaayajaM karmajaM vaa .
shravaNanayanajaM vaa maanasaM vaaparaadham.h .
vihitamavihitaM vaa sarvametatkShamasva .
jaya jaya karuNaabdhe shriimahaadevashambho .. 5..

Whatever sins I have committed with my hands, feet, voice, body, actions,
ears, eyes, or mind, whether prohibited by the scriptures or not,
please forgive them all. Hail! Hail! O ocean of compassion! O great
God! O benevolent Lord! 5

.. iti shriimach_chhaN^karaachaaryavirachitaa shivamaanasapuujaa samaap_taa..

Click here for Lyrics or words or text of the Shiva Manas Puja in Hindi and English pdf file.

More Lord Shiva Bhajans

Now some elevating words trying to to describe the Shiva Bhakta's feelings, from you tube comments from the videos of Shiva Manas Puja

Can someone help me get the lyrics of this shiva manas puja

* Can someone help me get the lyrics of this mantra

* Om Namah Shivaiah!

* om namah shivaya!!!this chills me out


* Words of praise or a mere comment from a mortal like me cannot be enough. This is an eternal stotram like the Lord himself. Just by putting his foot down Lord Shiva destroyed the arrogance or Ravan by the weight of the mere thumb I pray to Lord Shiva to give me knowldege and destroy my arrogance and asakti in this mortal world.

* Glory to lord shiva!

* Well said. Everything that we are trying to offer belongs to God. But what is it that we want to offer to God that is ours? Our love and devotion. God accepts anything offered provided it is offered with love . A person can not have any feeling of love to God if he does not love all his creations. That is the ultimate catch.

* Glory to LORD SHIVA on the occasion of Maha Shivratree

* Definitely not fear. Though shiva is God of destruction he does not go about destroying things indescriminately. If he did that he woul dbe a villain. Shiva is considered as a God who is extreamly kind and very easily pleased. In other words he is known as Innocent ( Bhola Nath). He is adored and not feared. There is a mantra in which we pray to him to liberate us from the fear of Death and also free us from the cycle of birth and death.

* life and death are just two faces of the same reality.That's why shiva is adored as a compassionate God!!!

* Of course he is the the God of destruction, the God of creation, he is everything. There is nothing but him. He is the endless love.
He is our super concisouness. Lastly we can hardly describe him with words.

* The Shiva manasa pooja by Sri Adi Shankaracharya is a unique stotra. It in in the form of a prayer by a devotee who imagines in his mind all the offerings and rituals prescribed in a pooja and offers them to lord Shiva with faith and devotion. This stotra is an eye opener to those who are fanatic about rituals as it clearly shows that faith and intentions are more important!
hope u all agree with me.. o namashivaya.

* lets bring peace to this earth ,
to our hearts , and desperate souls ...
may we unite with parmatma and shiva's quest ....

* Please pardon Oh lord
All those acts committed by me,
By hands, by action, by body or
By hearing, by my sight, or by my mind,
Whether they are proper or improper..
Victory oh victory, Oh, ocean of mercy,
Oh, The greatest of Gods and benevolent one.

My mother is the goddess Parvathy,
My father is the Lord Shiva,
My friends are the devotees of Shiva
And my native place is all the three worlds

* Bless you for the tranlation,
so Kind of You...
You gave Gifted me this day for all to come.
May this Puja make a full circle of Love
and find you in the center
every time it's played.
Love and peace to you my friend.

* My soul is your temple my lord,
My activities are thine attendants,
My body is thine home,
My acts to please my senses are thine worship,
My act of sleep is the deep meditation on thee,
All my walks with my feet are thine perambulations,
What ever falls from my mouth are thine prayers,
Oh Lord, everything I say and do are thine forms of worship.

* I offer you a pretty stage,
I offer you couple of decorative fans,
I also offer you shining mirror,
I offer you Veena, kettledrums, Mrudanga and a very big drum,
I offer you song and dance,
I offer you full prostration,
I offer you several types of prayers,
But all these I offer you my Lord, in my mind
So Lord kindly accept this my worship.

* I offer you Ghee and the sweet payasam in golden vessel ,
Decorated with nine type of precious gems,
I offer you five different dishes made of curd and milk,
I offer you panakam made of sweet fruits,
I offer you tasty sweet scented water to drink,
I offer you the lamp made of camphor along with tinkling bells,
And I offer you betel leaf and nut,
But these are offered by my mind with utter devotion to you,
So Lord Kindly accept and bless.

* I offer you holy silken cloth to wear,
I adorn you with very many precious jewels,
I offer you musk and sandal,
I offer you Bilwa and Champaka flowers,
And I offer you the holy lamp,
But all these I offer in the portal of my mind,
Please God who is merciful and who is the Lord of all beings,
Accept my offerings and bless me.

* This is fantastic. Very calming to a person constantly reminded 'spiritually' by God about how many temples of Shiva and Buddha have been destroyed by satanic muslims in the last 15 centuries. Please keep posting more videos. God Bless!

* Sanskrit pronounciation is very good as such it is gives solace to heart and mind.The vibrations make us to realise the presence God Shiva.

* I absolutely love this Shiva's Puja:)-it's so smooth and enligthening...Thank you for posting:))Om Shanti!

* My friend send me the translation of this powerful puja:
I offer you an imaginary throne made of precious jewels,
I offer you bath in the water of melted snow from the Himalayas,

* phisic, astral, mental

* lyrics from you tube comments below

Ratnaih kapitamasanam himajalaih snanam cha divyambaram
Nanaratnavibhooshitam mrgamadamodankitam chandanam
Jatichampakabilvapatrarachitam pushpam cha dhoopam tatha
Dipam deva dayanidhe pashupate hrtkalpitam grhyatam

Sauvarne navaratnakhand arachite patre ghrtam payasam
Bhakshyam panchavidham payo dadhi yutham rambhaphalam panakam
Shajanamayutam jalam ruchikaram karpoorkhandojvalam
Tamboolam manasa maya virachitam bhaktya prabho sveekuru

Chatram chamarayoryugam vyajanakam chadarshakam nirmalam
Veenabheri mrdangakahalakalaggetam cha nrtyam tatha
Sashtangam pranatih stutirbahuvidha hyetatsamastam maya
Sankalpena samarpitam tava vibho poojam grhana prbho

Atma tvam girija matih sahacharah pranah shareeram grham
Pooja te vishayopabhogarachana nidra samadhi sthitih
Sancharah padayoh pradakshinavidhih stotrani sarvah giro
Yadyat karma karomi tattadakhilam shambho tavaradhanam

Karacharanakrtam vakkayajam karmajam va
Shavana nayanajam va manasam vapardham
Viditamaviditam va sarvametat kshamsva
Jaya Jaya karunabdhe shree mahadeva shambho

* my yoga, my body my breath is not mine but is all given to Hari; these are my love given to Hari; I am mad for Hari; 'mad' means 'to rejoice' in Sanskrit; I love you, God.

* Magnifico mantra e grande vos levanos mesmo a nossa viagem astral(meditaƧao):)

* So beautiful! May I ask what the music recording is?

* I want to learn this, does anyone know if this can found in english? plz plz plz let me know. thanks

* wow lovley!!

* Could someone please tell me which CD (if applicable) this comes from, thank you. Also, does anyone know of an on-line shop selling Hindu devotional chant CDs, if anyone does, could you kindly let me know, thank you.

* This music is from Craig Preuss : Sacred Chants of Shiva. It is a little hard to find.

* very beautiful. thanks. om namaha shivaya

* can u post the remaining songs from this album please? ive heard this art of living cd before, and all of it are so pleasing to the ear :) thanks!

* Awesome.
Om Namah Shivaya!

* thanks for bringing it. This is the most sacred and advanced of all the mantras. Please do give visualizations for the benefit for all.

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