Monday, March 24, 2008

Relaxation Music

Very good relaxation music with flute and wave sounds.

read some good comments for this video on you tube below

* usually i like it to listen to techno, house, Rn'B and hip hop but i think sometimes in stressfull moments this is great to relax and it's amazing!

* Chinese instrument could really bring true and peaceful feeling to people. It doesn't emphasize on the superficial melody. It is the true highest level of music.

* Fantastic! Is this your music or can i find it somewhere?

* very relaxing indeed. Thanks and I send my best wisher to You all on You Tube and all Around the world. Just imagine 110,542 people meditating at the same time...
That would be nice.
Love Peace and Harmony within You from Bart from London.

* i love it im favoriting this and meditating every night

* This is amazing. Really helpes in stressfull envirments. Thanks!

* i am at one. I feel tingling sensations running over my skin as the waves rush in

* gOod while making homework !!!

* yeah! I do homework ALL THE TIME to this music!!!!!!!!

* sooooo relaxing i fell asleep straight away! a must 4 any1 hu's stressed about anything

* lol i had fallen asleep for a half hour!

* Beautyful... :)


* that felt soooo good! love the music it so calm thanks

* this is beautiful. better than-this is beautiful!

* This is so beautiful. So, so beautiful, and there is no other word for it. Beuatiful.

* Thank you so much. This song has inspired me in so many ways.!

* This song is from Kitaro, called Ocean Of Wisdom, Maybe you can download some music of him or buy a CD from Kitaro :)

* that stoped my head ach

* lol i was listening to this with my baby birdie! that is still an egg cute eh?

* Oh my God! This is just superb!

* i get stressed out, and i really am at the moment
i have a politics exam on friday and damn, i dont know what to revise
well i do kind of, but i dont know how
i usually listen to rock music when i am stressed, but this is working amazingly well
thankies for putting it up
i really wanna do well!!! :D

* thank you really much i was procrastinating so much. this helped me focus on my h omework so uch. thank you!!!!

* Im gonna set this to favourites. I usaully get stressed out in school because i'm one of those students that actually tries & pays attention. This really hits the spot & stops my head from pounding.

* damn that hits the spot

* thats what im trying to do with some calming music do hw D=


* please tell me a website of how to download this so i can have it on my mp3 please reply back to me!!

* Really calming!! i really want this, where can i download this, i need it badly too sleep!!
This also helps me out while I'm doing homework. It opens my mind up to think more deeper. Just LOVELY! Nearly makes me tear.

* this just makes me break , lovely music

* How did you get this Great Music?

* thank you for this!! i felt like i was going to have a panic attack before i listened to this!!!

* This peice of music, is simply bliss...with the begining, (really quiet sea waves), then the next minute...really relaxing music that sounds to be from Asia,...Thailand, or Chinese, I am guessing...if i could listen to this on my Ipod, i would...

* oh my god this is soo relaxing the weirdest thing happend when i listen 2 this lovley soothing song i actually felt reaally relaxed and floppy no lies i swear i feel soo good when i listen 2 this song i nearly fell asleep also :)

* this is really calming. where can i download it???? i need this really badly. so soothing..... i can almost drift to sleep.

* Reminds me of a shop I currently work in. Very relaxing indeed. And that really is something I need right now...

* can you please tell me where i can dwnload this music?.. i need it.....badly

* Killer song!!

* so relaxing my eyes started tearing and i cried...but it wasnt crying. weird. I love it. thank you

* It's so peaceful and relaxation! I love it. What's the title? Please, say me!

* i was getting really stressed because of one of my Social Studies project is due tommorrow and i didnt have it started so this really calmed me down to be able to work on it

* I had the coolest hallucination while listening to this beautiful music. 5 stars. Well done!

* well my friends mom has ms and she is 38 yrs old (her mom's age)and her leg was peralyzed to day and she woke up at 1:30 in the morning wit slured speech and said somthing is wrong wit her body and brain so my friend and her 7 yr old sis needed to relaxe thank you for the wonderful music pray for tina is her name thnx agian

* Very nice...

* very beautiful and peaceful :)

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