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Dutt Bavani - Gujarati

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This video clip from you tube has the recital of Lord Dutta bavani in Gujarati. Lord Dattatreya is an incarnation of the divine trinity of Hindu religion. The Brahma ( the creator), Vishnu ( The sustainer) and Shiva ( the Destroyer).

The story of Lord Dattatreya is amazing and interesting and shows the power of a Sati. Sage Narad the devotee of Lord Vishnu and known for arising doubts and conflicts, once praised the sacred Sati Ansuya and her incomparable devotion towards her husband, before the wives of the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva).

The praise of a human female and her pure devotion towards her husband Atri created jealousy in the mind of all the three Goddesses. Narada's work of creating the jealousy was done and he was on his way chanting the Hari Naam.

The jealousy began it's work,. All the three Goddesses went to their respective husband's and asked them to somehow reduce the Pativratam (sacred devotion towards her husband) of Sati Ansuya.

The trinity of Gods were on their way. They had a plan. They reached Sati Ansuya's Kutir (Home) disguised as begging guests, when her husband was away . They said "Bhavati Bhikshan Dehi" (Oh Mother! Give us some food). Sati Ansuya welcomed them for a meal. The three guest put a condition that they will accept the food only if Sati serves them food without any clothes on her body.

The trick was that if Sati serves the food in that condition her sacredness would be reduced, as she appears in nude in front of men other than her husband. If she denies that would be dishonor of the guests and they could take away her powers for the same.

Sati Ansuya was thus put in dilemma. She knew that the guest were not ordinary and were putting her in dilemma. She was not the least scared as she knew that there was not a bit of lust in her. Also the guest had referred her as mother while asking for alms. She consider them as her sons and went in nude to serve them food. The sacredness of her had such power that thinking of them as her sons made the three Gods as small children and her breasts starting oozing with milk. She fed all the three children and put them in a craddle.

On arrival of sage Atri, due to his sacred knowledge he knew that the children sleeping in the cradle were the three Gods. He prayed to them and they appeared in their original form. They praised the sacredness of Sati Ansuya and ask her for a boon.

Sati asked the three God's to be born as a son of hers. The boon was granted and She had a son, who was named as Dattayetra.

Dattatreya left home at an early age to wander naked in search of the Absolute. He seems to have spent most of his life wandering in the area between and including North Karnataka, through Maharashtra, and into Gujarat as far as the Narmada River. He attained realization at a place not far from the town now known as Ganagapur in South Maharashtra. The original footprints of Datta are believed to be located on the lonely peak at Mount Girnar. The Tripura-rahasya refers to the disciple Parasurama finding Datta meditating on Gandhamadana mountain.


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Anonymous said...

I would like you to make note of the truth and please make the necessary correction. Lord Dattatreya was born as a realised soul and he is the incarnation of the trinity. so, it is wrong to say he attained realisation and that he went on a search for the absolute. He is the absolute truth of the creation for he is the creator himself. You need to refer him as LORD. He is not a saint, not a rishi, HE is the LORD almighty himself. You need to read Datta Charitra to know more about his Avatar.

Alpesh said...

Dear Anonymous,

The story mentioned is what has been read by the writer. It already stated that Lord Dattatreya is incarnation of the Trinity Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Mahesh.

However the Lord Himself when takes the form of Human, to set the example to the devotees performs Tapas and Bhakti. In Himduism even Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, The almighty in the form of Human had Guru, they did not need it as they were Lord themselves. But to teach us and set example to us that the search and yearning for the almighty is needed they do this Leela.

i would be grateful if a dedicated devotee like you writes a good article and send to me at alps07 at

A separate page will be devoted to Lord Dattatreya linked from Hindusim and Hindu Gods and Goddesses. You are most welcomed to do this service to provide right information about Lord Dattatreya through this blog.

i am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya and write as His divine Love and grace makes me right.

Thanks for the information shared. May the divine love and grace of Lord Dattatreya be always with you.

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