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Mein To Aarti Utharoon Re Santoshi Mata Ki mp3

video Arati (also spelt Arati, Arthi, Aarthi, Aarti or Arti) of Santoshi Maa ( also known as Mahadevi, Devi, Maa, Mataji, Matadi, Shakti, Prakriti)

Have a look at Navratri Aartis and songs for collection of Aartis of Divine Mother.

Download mp3 of Santoshi Maa Aarti and aradhana and chants or dhuns. The mp3 files are good quality mp3 files compatible with all mp3 players, smart phones, android phones, iphones and ipads.

Download Main To Aarti Utaaroon mp3 sung by Usha Mangeshkar - here

mp3 Jai Santoshi Maa Jai Jai Devi (Maata Ki Aaradhana) - Usha Mangeshkar - here

Download Jai Santoshi Maa (Dhun) - Hindi  - Usha Mangeshkar - here

Download mp3 - Maa Santoshi Maa Jai Maa - Alka Yagnik Sonu Nigam - here
Buy DVD of movie Jai Santoshi Maa


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This aarti on youtube is a comparison between the old classic aarti sung by Usha Mangeshkar from in the Hindi movie Jai Santoshi Maa. This devotional song from the old Hindi movie (1975) is still a hit and sung and listened all over by the Hindu devotees. 

This movie has some wonderful stories of miracles of Santoshi Maa's devotee and how Maa Santoshi comes to devotees help. The importance and benefits of Maa Santoshi vrat is also given in the movie.

You might be interested in Maa Santoshi Maa Jai Maa – mp3 download
a Santoshi Maa song from new Hindi movie Jai Santoshi Maa (2006)

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This is a famous and one of the most loved Arati of Santoshi Maa for the devotees.

Some more elevating, devotional and loving comments from the devotees for this divine song on you tube below this comments indicates to the popularity of this song.

* The most impressive of your videos is this!!! Jai santoshi maa!!!

* Amazing....Jai Maa Santoshi Devi Ki

* OMG WOW Simon how did u do it? this is soooo awesome. I am impressed. Keep up the good work! Jai Mata Rani! Jai Santoshi Maa!

* main to aarti utaaruun re santoshi maata ki
jaya jaya santoshi maata jaya jaya maan

* Prnaam Mateshwari Koti Koti Prnaam Mateshwari
Aadi Se Anant Tak prtyek Xhan Koti Koti Prnaam Mateshwari Koti Koti Prnaam

* uncomparably the best bhajan

* i like this bhakti songs of all as this is the oldest bhakti song i have heard

* Excellent song and very well pictured.

Ushajee's voice appears so divine in this .

In my opinion both versions are nice.

*  I like the old movie better. Usha Mangeshkar sings beautifully.

*  She is also the wish fulfilling form of the feminine principal in the universe and an incarnation of Durga as well.

*  proud of our Indian culture.

*  Usha Mangeshkar is not only a good singer liker her sisters Lataji and Ashaji, but also a good good painter. Her painting adores one of Lataji's Albums.

* Good song I like it,a must for every one.

* The most impressive of yours videos is this!!! Jai santoshi maa!!!

* You always come up with lovely ideas on your videos. Jai Mata di.

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