Thursday, April 10, 2008

Navratri Bhajan - Jai Mata Di - Sukhwinder Singh

This video has the devotional bhakti song from bollywood movie Kohram. The Bhakti geet is sung by Sukhwinder Singh & Sanjeevani

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Some enchanting and devotional comments from you tube videos to tell you more


* Many Thanks to you! very beautiful and uplifting to my spirit! Joy & Happiness to you!

* This is so beutiful.

Jai Mata Di

* Whoa, enticing! Can please someone translate or summarize the lyrics of this song in English? This is fascinating.

* Mata Rani is Always
So Kind n Choooooooooo Chweet
Meri Ma Shabshe Shunder
Noni Noni Mata Ki Jai

* Jai Mata Di!!! Thanks a ton for sharing this spiritually uplifting song!!!

* Durga Devi Ki Jai ! Maharani Ki Jai ! Thank you very much for sooo nice video.

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