Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amma sings Shri Krishna Saranam

Ammachi singing the devotional song with her divine voice.

Some elevating comments from the devotees who watched and listen to this wonderful bhajan

* there are so few videos with ammachi speaking so it would be great for us if someone could upload more videos with ammachi

* OH SRI SRI GOVINDA!!! What an amazing bhajan to SRi Krishna!! THAAAANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Love to all Vaishnavs and all who worship Govinda in one form or another.
Om Shanty

* This song is really wonderful. It goes straight to the heart
Om Nama Shivaya

* When I played this video for the first time, my daughter started dancing ecstatically around the livingroom! Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durga!

* I have a chance to meet this divine entity ans she has amazing healing powers for both the physical body and soul.

* excellent pure divine love

* All glories to the Surpreme personality of Godhead Sri Krsna. The cause of all other incarnations and the demigods.

* Amma does not ask anyone to become a follower of any particular path of faith, only that people act selflessly and help one another. If you are of any faith, or no faith, she Loves everyone... and prays for all.

* Jai Shree Krishna! How sweet is you name...

* surrendering to Lord Krishna..

* A beautiful bhajan felt even more beautifully because of Amma

* Truly beautiful!!!!...I love this taken from the 2006 Bhajan DVD?

* I love her so much, the song is one which has me feeling of liberation and peace.. when will I meet dear Mother

* Its a long time since I saw AMMA singing... therefore it was like getting the biggest gift of my life. thanks for teh bhajan post. Please do post more of this kind whenever possible. People like me, who cannot get to see AMMA, find solace in seeing HER thru posts like that of yours. Thank you so much.
With humble pranams at AMMA's Holy Feet.

* Yes!1 Ihave met her finally this July in Boston, MASS where I live.
She is the embodiment of divine love, compassion and has transform my life forever..
Check out her website She'll be back in th eUSA next year..Where do you live?

* Oh wow this is beautiful!

Beautiful! I remember blissing out to this bhajan in San Ramon. What is most touching is seeing the late Yolanda Kings darshan with Mother. May she experience eternal peace. Jai Ma. Thanks for sharing this.

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