Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Miracle by Amma

This video shows the miracle of Amma in early years. A crowd had gathered, most of them accepting her divinity. Few from the crowd were the ones who were suspicious. They asked that if Amma was really Divine, she should perform the miracle, that would be the proof of Divinity.

How people's mind work. They ask for a miracle as a proof of Divinty. As if miracle is the measure of divinity. Divinity can never be measured as it is infinite and our finite mind can never be able to measure it. One thing can happen is surrendering to the divinity and melt and merge and be one with it. If any measures looked for would be to find and feel peace and a subtle force near the those who are one with divinity like Amma. Does one get peaceful, more loving, fearless, generous in the presence.

Amma denied performing any miracles, saying that was not her purpose. Still few people were adamant and hence Amma performed one, though she did not wanted to perform this lowly miracle.

The real miracle is happening around her all the time. So many people are losing their bad tendencies that harm their own selves and others. So many are looking to help the poor and needy, becoming compassionate, this is the miracle, real miracle.

Some comments from you tube

* This was beautiful.

Ammachi is truly a wonderful saint.

* they r really powwerful . nothing is impossible for them . if u dont belive attend a deeksha there u also agree with me. first i too think like that but later i realised their massive power

* I can feel the shaki from this video...Awesome!

* Amma should be in my area (Los Angeles, CA) around April. I can't wait to see her again. I hope I'll be able to witness a miracle!

* amma never went tro college-but she makes way more sense than any shcolar!espically when it comes to common sense!educated peolple just want better weapons!

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