Friday, May 30, 2008

Surrender to Amma

This a wonderful video, A photo montage set to Kirtana's "Pulling in the Oars". The video has some amazing grace bestowing pictures of Amma. The song goes well with it. It's like meeting Amma one to one online. I watched this video in the silence of the night and could feel the room filled with the grace and dense silence as the video ended.

Some good elevating comments from the you tube

my beautiful Amma is coming to see me next month after one year ... i cant wait to hug her and worship her. love you soo much Amma..

* Now go home and hug your real Mom, who brought you to this world despite of all the pain, and sheltered you from all the ills at the cost of Her own perils.
Mom gave you Her true love, it is about time you go and return the favor.
i sincerely hope your Kerala is not in any Old-Age-Home. THANKS FOR THIS SPLENDID POST.

* Beautiful Bhakti! I will be with Amma in San Ramon next week. Jai Ma! Thank You for this wonderful montage. Music is so touching too.
Blessings to all!

* pranamams & thanking you for sharing this blissfull experience

* Wow thats nice, thanks. What does she speak about?

reply About the importance of compassion, loving and serving the earth and the people around us, and spending time in meditation. She says real faith in God is faith in your own self.

* Another question ; What does Amma do?

Reply : Good question. I don't know what she does, really.
I personally have seen her sit in one place without any breaks for 14+ hours, embracing thousands of people in turn as her very own children. Those who are with her in India have witnessed the numbers go much higher (22 hours, over a hundred thousand embraced). It should not be physically possible for her to do this day in and day out, but she's been doing it for 30 years now.

Also, she spearheads relief and charity efforts in India and elsewhere, encouraging people to take care of the poor and needy.
And in amongst all this, when asked how she does it all, she responds "When there is love, there is no effort" - or "I am not doing anything".

* Wonderful video. Thanks so much. I was in tears as I saw it. To see AMMA even in a photo is a blessing! I feel so blessed... Thank yous o much.
With humble pranams at HER holy Feet.

* u r oding miracles to every one

* Jai Amma!

I need to find out about this Kirtana, the song was beautiful!

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