Friday, May 30, 2008

Itna to karna Swami - Devotional Song - Anuradha Paudwal

Oh God this much, when the life leaves the body, your name comes to my mind heart and lips and then the soul leaves the body. The banks of scared river Shri Ganga and Shri Yamuna should be near, when the pran leaves the body. The place should be Vrindaban and in my mouth should have the Tulasi leaves and charnamrut the water that has washed Lord Vishnu's Charans.

When the death is nearer no disease should harass me and Yama the god of death should not harass me. Also when the preparation of soul leaving the body, my body should be cleansed of all vikaras, and the wood on which the body would be burnt should be from the forests of Vrindavan.

Oh Lord this is my request, why don't you accept it? Why won't you accept it.

Lyrics or words or text of this bhajan below

Itna to karana, Swami, jab praan tan se nikle (2)
Govinda naam lekar, phir praana tan se nikale. (repeat)

Shri Ganga ji ka tat ho, Yamuna ka bansi vat ho,(3)
mera sawra nikat ho,(2) jab praan tan se

Shri Vrindavana ka sthal, mere mukh main Tulasi Dal Ho,(3)
Vishnu Charan ka jal ho,(2) jab praan tan se

Jab Kantha praan aawe, koi rog na sataave,(3)
Yama trasa na dekhaye(2) , jab praan... .

Sudhi hove mahee tan ki, Taiyaari ho gaman ki,(3)
Lakdi ho Braj Ke van ki,(2) jab praan tan se

Yeh Nind si araj hai, mano tokya haraj hai,(3)
Kuch Aap ka faraj hai,(2)jab praan tan se

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Parrot CK3100 said...

Great Alpesh !
I have never thought that how my death should be but always thought every second that my life will be helpful to others though my life is worst of worst but I can help others. This desire is good and pious every one should pray this everyday. God always love everyone no one is bad in the eye of her. She is treating everyone in the same manner in which our mother treat her children. When our mother do like this then think about that how the heart of that mother will be who is the mother of whole universe
Thanks again for this melodious voice video which increase faith in god and lover for her.

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