Friday, April 24, 2009

Gujarati Bhajan - Ramdev pir - praful dave

This is a video of Bhajan of Saint and Mystic of Rajasthan, India Sri Ramdev Pir. This is one of the most popular bhajans of devotees of Ramdevji Maharaj, maro halo sambhdo, sung in the voice of famous Gujarati folk singer praful dave.

Ramdev Pir is also known as Baba Ramdev and the devotees come from all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and also from different caste system that prevail in India. One can see various pictures of Radev Baba in the video. A movie was made in Gujarati Language called Jai Ramdev Pir which did good in Gujarat state.

Below one can see a video clip of Shobha yatra of Baba Ramdev a religious cultural event, that took place in Karo Baugh New Delhi, India.

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