Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ganpati Devotional song

This is very good addition to Ganesh Chaturthi songs chants and aartis. Good in the sense it creates good devotional vibes. Very good song while doing puja of Ganesh ji the Lambodar. Just listening to this Marathi Ganesha song is so much soothing to the soul mind and heart.

Happy listening.

Going through the comments on you tube, i came to know that it is from Hindi movie Vaastav, sung as an Aarti of of Lord Ganesh in the movie. And found one more well made online videos with good pictures of Lord Ganesha on the video scree. Can't help but embed this videos here.

by Ravindra Sathe
From the Album Vaastav
You can download this Ganpati Aarti mp3 audio file here

Above is not a free download link, but a link to good quality mp3 file to buy from amazon.

Some comments you tube for this online video clip that reflects the effects of this Ganpati Stuti on different devotees.

Awesome bhajan..
Very nice. I really enjoyed listening it.
Thanks for sharing it..
God bless you

Great Great Stuti of Lord Ganesha's...& Awesome work too...i just loved it so so much..
Thanks 4 share with us.."God Bless U 4 Ever"

Nothing beats the energy of this Ganesh Struti!

amazing, breathtaking and an excellent work of art from whoever created this, just like being in heaven itself when i heard this

happy ganesh chaturthi to all

blissful song

One of the best video which i have seen ever.
Its excellent

The best video till date

This is very well sung Bhajan. The music, the voice and the picturization is simply superb. I'm setting this as a morning alarm in my cell phone

extra ordinary song

brought tears to my eyes. I drowned in the sagar of bhakti. thanks God bless

Movie name is Vaastav

really awesome......mind blowing.... jai dev jai dev

excellent my Brother. no words to express , what a great awesome Bhajan, its divine... Proud to be a Hindu,,, Jai Sree Ram, u done a great task... thank u very much for uploading this great video thank you Brother

Perfect video to receive on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. Thanks for sending me this video. Take Care

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