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Ganesh Chaturthi songs - Aartis - Chanting

Ganesh Chaturthi one of the major Hindu festival celebrated in India and abroad by Hindus. This festival is also called Ganpati Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi.

The celebrations is called Ganesh Uttsav or Ganeshotsav. Utsav means celebrations. Both the above words means celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesha or Ganpati or Vinayaka.

Ganesh Chaturthi dates.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi 2011.

Since Ganesh Chaturthi is near. Hear is the video collection list of Hindi songs, Aartis and Mantras dedicated to Lord Ganpati or Ganesh, the obstacle remover.

Mangalam Ganesham - Ganpati Deva - video song of Ganesh Mangalam devotional song with Lyrics in English and Hindi script.

Mantra Chanting and dhuns of Lord Ganesha

Jai Ganesh Morya - Ganpati Chanting - mp3 - video
- mantra dhun sung by Lata Mangheskar

Ganesha Sharanam Mantra Chanting - A mantra chanting song with guitar chords and lyrics

Ganesh Mantra - Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (108 Repetitions) - 108 Repetitions of Ganesh Mantra "Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha

Ganesh Pancharatnam Stotram - Ganesh Panchratna Strotram with lyrics in Enlish text

Chants of Ganpati Ganesh Mantras - This video song starts with the Ganesh Maha Mantra followed by the song.
Om Gang Ganpataya Namoh Namah, Shri Siddhi Vinayak Namo Namahah, Asta Vinayak Namo Namaha, Ganpati Bapa Morya.

Ganesh Chanting Music Ganapati Ki Sewa Mangal - Hindi song with lyrics in English words

Ganesh Chalisa mp3 download audio Hindi - On this page you will find three online videos of Ganesh Chalisa sung by different singers. mp3 download links. Lyrics of Ganesh Chalisa in English Text and Hindi or Devanagari script. Meaning or translation of Ganesh Chalisa in English.

Ganpati Vandana – Video Song – Lyrics - mp3
 Ganpati Vandana sung in Chorus form Album Sacred Hindu Chants - Times Music.

Subh Labh Mantra – Lord Ganesh Ganpati Mantra 
Pandit Jasraj / Shankar Mahadevan / Rattan Mohan Sharma | Format: MP3 Download
From the Album Mahmantras with mp3 download links.

Songs and Bhajans dedicated to Lord Ganesha

Ganpati Bhajan - Jay Ganesh Deva - A very popular Hindi Ganpati Song with lyrics.

Ganapati Bappa Moriya- Ganesha Om - A bhajan dedicated to Lord Ganesh in Art of Living Satsang (Kiratn) - with lyrics and music chords in English and Hindi Script

Ganpati Devotional song - A very good Hindi devotional song of Ganpati. Actually it's aarti from Hindi movie Vaastav, this song goes in this category.

Aartis of Ganpati or Lord Ganesh

Ganpati Arati Aarti in Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai - Ganesh Aarti with Lyrics in English text

Ganapati Aarti Lata Mangeshkar - Ganesh Aarti sung by Lata Mangheshkar with lyrics of the Ganesh Aarti in English Text

Ganpati Arati

Sung in Marathi Language

Lord Ganesh (Ganpati) Arati - Yet another Aarti with lyrics in English

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Videos

Lalbaugcha Raja 2009 - Videos - Wallpaper

Songs Dedicated to Lord Ganpati in Hindi movies

Deva Ho Deva Ganpati Deva - Song - mp3 - Lyrics

Shri Ganehsay Dheemahi - mp3 download - lyrics - Lord Ganesh Stuti sung and composed by Shankar Mahadevan with beautiful. Listen online on youtube video with mp3 download link and lyrics. Good song Ganesh Chaturthi.

Other list of devotional songs and religious music  dedicated to Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Festivals.

Krihsna Janmashtami Songs
Shivaratri songs - Lord Shiva Songs
Navratri songs


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