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Lalbaugcha Raja 2009 - Videos - Wallpaper

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated all over India with great devotion and enthusiasm all over India. However the charm and festivity in Maharashtra and Gujarat, surpasses other regions of India. For ten days Murtis (Idols made of clay (Now eco friendly materials are more preferred, as there are large number of Ganesh Murti are established at every few meters in Big cities and villages in the above mentioned states.))

There is a page for Ganesh Chaturthi songs-chats-aartis specially made for this festive and devotional occasion.

Large number of people and devotee go with the pomp and local bands playing music to receive the idol of Lord Ganesh. The idol is placed in a highly decorated stage built for the same. After the sthaapna (establishment) of Shri Ganesh Aarti of lord Ganesh is performed and this continues for ten days. For ten days morning and evening aartis of Lord Ganesh is performed. Puja is done. People visit many pandals (the stage) to take the darshan of various forms of idols of Lord Ganesh and the decoration that goes with it.

One will get the idea from the video clips below. Lord Ganesh of Lal Baugh in Mumbai is one of the most important and revered during this festival of ten days. It is strongly believed that the prayers are answered there. People wait hours in queue to take the darshan of Lalbaugh cha Raja, translated in English "The Emporer of Lal Baug. LalBaugcha Raja always has grandeur and riches. Huge amount of donations flow from the devotees, with gratitude towards the God.

Below are some videos of Lalbaugcha Raja

First video clip is bringing Lalbaugcha Raja through the enormous crowd gathered on the roads to have the first glimpses. You've got to watch this video clip to believe it.

Unveiling of Lalbaugcha Raja 2009 early morning 4 0 clock (First glimpses ). We can see people already in queue at this early hours, which continues till late night, for all the ten days of Celebration. Large number of devotees are seen taking the picture of Lalbaugcha Raja, and will keep that as wallpaper for their mobiles.

Lalbaugcha Raja Evening Aarti on 25-Aug-2009

Below is the video clip that displays the picture of Lalbaugcha Raja from 1934- 2009. Background song played is Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva.

After the 10 days celebration is the last day is celebrated hugely. It's called Visarjan, saying good bye and waiting for the arrival next year. Visarjan is immersing the the idol in sea or river. In the video clip below is the immersing (visarjan) of Lalbaugcha raja, that happened last year, 2008. This year visarjan of Ganesh will be done on 3rd September 2009.

Below is a large size high resolution picture of Lalbaughcha Raja 2009 , which can also used as background desktop Wallpaper. For free download click on the image, once you see large image on your screen download it by right clicking on the image.

Explore Lalbaugcha Raja on Google Maps finds directions How to reach there from nearest raliway stations and bus stops.

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