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Main Nahi Makhan Khayo - Anup Jalota - Krishna Bhajan

Second part of this Hindi Shree Krishna song video

Another good addition to Janmashtami songs and Bhajans

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This one is a very good devotional song dedicated to Bal (Kid) Krishna written by Saint Surdas. Anup Jalota sings this bhajan in awesome classical ragas giving the description and meaning of the bhajan as he sings along. Great treat to listen to. This song is from a Anup Jalota Concert or Anup Jalota Sandhya as it is called, where he takes ample time with each bhajan he sings and explore the lyrics of the songs and bhajans he sings. Appropriate ragas are also given to each line of the lyrics.

In the Bal leelas of Kanaiya, the leelas of Makhan (butter) is very popular among the child mischievous of Bal Krishna. Kanhaiya would go to the neighboring houses and steal the butter from their home. The Gopis would come complaining about the same to Ma Yashoda.

This bhajan has been written by Saint Surdas on this kid mischief of Shree Krishna. This also very well shown on the video screen as the song progresses. Ma Yashoda would get angry at the complaints and go to Kanaiya and ask him, "What have you done?" , "Look all the gopis have come with the complaints against you!"

Kanaiya would reply with guilelessness and smiling face that, "Maiyaa don't listen to them, they are all liar." "They are finding ways to have a glimpse of Me." And things would end there.

But today, Kanaiya stole the butter from His own house and Mother saw it. Mother suddenly asked Him, beta (son) have you eaten the butter. On being asked it fell out of Kanaiyas mouth Main Nahi Makhan Khayo, Maiya mori main nahin Makhan khayao (I have not eaten butter, I have not eaten butter my Mother) and the bhajan progress as the dialogue between Bal Krishna and Ma Yashoda.

Lyrics of this Shree Krishna song Main Nahi Makhan Khayo sung by Anup Jalota in English Text

Maiyaa mori, main Nahi Makhan Khayo

Bhor bhayo gaiyan ke paache, Madhuvan mohi pathayo .
chaar prahar vanshivat bhatakyo, saanj pare ghar aayo ..
.. Maiya Mori .......... 1 ..

main baalak bahiyan ko choto, chinko kidi vidhi payo .
gwaal baal sab bair pare hain, barbas mukh laptayo ..
.. Maiya Mori .......... 2 ..

Tu janani man kii ati mori, inke kahe patiyaayo .
Jiya tete kachu bhed upjihai, jaani parayo jaayo ..
.. Maiya Mori .......... 3 ..

yaha le apani lakuti kambaliyaa, bahutahi naach nachaayo .
Jiya tete kachu bhed upjihai, jaani parayo jaayo ..
"Surdas" tab hanshi Yashodaa, lai ur-kanth lagaayo ..
.. Maiya Mori .......... 4 ..

Lyrics of Sant Surdas Bhajan dedicated to Bal Leela of Shree Krishna sung by Anup Jalota in Hindi or Devanagari script

मैया मोरी, मैं नही माखन खायो

भोर भयो गैयन के पाछे, मधुवन मोहि पठायो ।
चार पहर वंशीवट भटक्यो, सांझ परे घर आयो ॥
॥ मैया मोरी .......... १ ॥

मैं बालक बहियन को छोटो, छींको किहि विधि पायो .
ग्वाल-बाल सब बैर परे हैं, बरबस मुख लपटायो ..
॥ मैया मोरी .......... २ ॥

तू जननी मन की अति भोली, इनके कहे पतियायो .
यह ले अपनी लकुटि कम्बलिया, तुने बहुतहि नाच नचायो .
जिय तेते कछु भेद उपजिहै , जानि परायो जायो ..
"सूरदास" तब हँसी यशोदा, लै उर-कंठ लगायो ..
॥ मैया मोरी ..........

Some selected comments for this bhajan from Youtube

Anup jalota sung so many beautiful bhajans.& This one is one of my favorite too... Thanks for upload this beautiful "Krishna lila's" Bhajan.
I loved your photographic. All Krishna's pictures is just feel like pictures gonna talk to us. Just Beautiful. God Bless U...

thanks a million .radhey radhey

i love the song...n urs pics are very beautiful too

I like bhajan of anup Jalota & enjoy the enchanting wording of all bhajans.

Excellent song...I love this song so cute Kana......very good song

great song for all of us who love lord krishna

this is really wonderful bhajan by mr. jalota

Can anyone give me a name of this album. it was a live performance at iskcon temple at brindavan. if someone has an online link for purchasing this album, please do post it.

Definitely this is the most beautiful bhajans I have ever heard. Hearing to it continuously is one of my most dear pastime.

The beauty of Kannayya's natkhat, yasoda's supreme Love for kannayya, the beauty of brundavanam - all portrayed to the exemplary degree by Surdasji.

An absolute masterpiece.  Even among all the Anup Jalota bhajans, this one stands out. The narrative style is brilliant. For over 25 years now, whenever I have heard this, the last para has brought tears every time. A truly divine offering. Many thanks

very beautiful... it brought tears into my eyes

Hare Krishna

really anoop jalta performance is great


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i love this song very much and was searching for the lyrics and found this site...
thank you very much for maintaining the bhajans
i have observed a small flaw in the lyric posted in this site. (Main Nahi Makhan Khayo - Anup Jalota - Krishna Bhajan), the verse 3 and 4 both have "Jiya tete kachu bhed upjihai, jaani parayo jaayo .." where as it was originally only in the 4 verse that this line is supposed to be..
Any ways,
Thanks a lot for the lyrics once again

Mayank Sharma said...

Thank you Very Much.......
What a poem...What a Song...and How beautifully Sung by Anup jalota...!!

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