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Sanedo Gujarati Navratri Garba song - mp3 download

First listen online on youtube video is of the Gujarati song Sanedo. Very popular garba song sung in Navratri garba events in Gujarat, Mumbai and all all over world where Gujaratis resides in large numbers. It is from Gujarati movie Jagat Jogni Ma Khodiyar ( 2006 ). Singers in the above video is Rajdeep Barot & Chorus.

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Please note : Below is the list of Sanedo mp3 downloads (different versions). The mp3 files are Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player, ipad, ipad2. Listen to the online preview to make sure it is the song you want before downloading.
  2. Download mp3 Sanedo?. Kathiyawadi Sanedo? - Mahesh Singh Chauhan - Here
  3.  Download Tophani Sanedo mp3 - by Mahesh Singh Chauhan - Here
  4. Vandha no Sanedo mp3 download by Vanita Barot, Darshna Gandhi, Payal Vaidh Rajdeep Barot - Here
  5. Download Mohabat no Sanedo mp3Here
  6. Fida no Sanedo Downlaod mp3 - Here
  7. Parka nar no Sanedo - Here
  8. Bhali Bhens No Sanedo - Here
  9. Lover No Sanedo - Here
  10. Potli No Sanedo - Here
  11. Rupali No Sanedo - Here
  12. Rupali Chhokri No Sanedo - Here
  13. College No Sanedo - Here
  14. Dil No Sanedo - Here
  15. Sanedo Kaik Karshe - Ver No Sanedo  --- Here
  16. Mota Ghar Ni Chori No Sanedo ---- Here
  17. Ilu Ilu No Sanedo --- Here
  18. Kathiyawadi No Sanedo - Here
  19. I love You No Sanedo --- Here
  20. Rangli No Sanedo --- Here
  21. Prem Karvo Pade Sanedo ---- Here
  22. Pagal Premi No Sanedo ---- Here
  23. Sanedo-- Sanedo Bahu Sambhalyo ---- Here
  24. DJ Sanedo ---- Here
  25. Sung by
  26. Kishare monraja - Here
  27. Ashit Desai, Hema Desai Alap Desai - Here

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There are lot of people are curious about what is the meaning of Sanedo, after it became hugely popular. Sanedo is the word derived from Sneha. Sneha means Love and affection, Sanedo is the slang used for Sneha. So sanedo sanedo Mataji no sanedo means Love and affection of Divine Mother. The song, Sanedo dervied from Snehdo and shenha is frequently played during the festival of Navratri, during wedding celebrations and during Gujarati parties

Sanedo is one of the most popular garba song. Below are videos of this popular song originally sung by Gujarati folk singer Maniraj. Comments on you tube suggest that he should not have danced in the video but could have got some good garba dancers for the same. Yet the fact remains that these videos are for those who love this song and wants to listen to Sanedo Sanedo lal lal sanedo.

Below is the video of Gujarati Navratri Rass Garba Sanedo performed by Shivkinner Group fo Leicester UK for Pancholi Samaj at Roundhill Community College Leicester

Below is a very short clip of Garba performed at Amdavadi Garba in Akash, Ahmedabad on this famous tune Sanedo

Below is a very nice video from a singer who has made an English version of Sanedo. Listening that should bring smile or laughter on Gujaratis. One sole comments on you tube just says that it is hilarious funny video. Yet good though.

Below is the latest video on you tube of Sanedo
Live performance in USA by Rawal Brothers. The following video has good quality video.

Below is a video from Sanedo Sanedo at Bhopal in Navaratri Mahotsava 2006, where garba dancers are seen to enjoy this song and dancing with vigor and zest to the tunes of sanedo

Below is video of sanedo at anaheim conventional centre, LA on 10/13/07, where Gujjus can be seen enjoying it totally.

Below is the a video from United Way of Baroda - Navratri ( Garba )

A description for United Way of Baroda Navratri given by a You Tube user given before the video.
Garba at the United Ways of Baroda by Rutumbhra Group viz Shri Atul Purohit & Co. This venue and Maa Shakti Garba (popularly known as Aarki) are 2 of the most famous garba venues for people in Baroda. Our Sanskaar Nagri Baroda, has been a torch bearer in keeping the torch of traditional garba style burning all the way.......notwithstanding the onslaught of filmistyle loser garbas as seen in Mumbai and other parts of India. Baroda with its famous Faculty of Performing Arts, has been able to keep the traditional and true garba style alive and we are very proud of it. The video dates a few years back now, and I am sure United Ways of Baroda garba has risen much higher and rates much better as of today. Oh and btw, Maa Shakti Garba of Baroda, which is almost similar to this, was in the Limca Book of Records for having the largest number of dancers in one night, at one venue and the numbers clocked 40.000 dancers and almost 15-20,000 audience. The numbers are enough to get an idea of the sheer size of this splendid celebration of Maa Amba.

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Some selected comments from You tube videos for these videos of Sanedo Sanedo lal lal sanedo.
Very nice song. Nice background music.
who is singer of this song?

Yayyy! I fist heard the Sanedo last year at KLP Garba Northolt. Love it! Jai Ambe Ma!

Ψ જય માતાજી Ψ thank you Ψ

Thanks, Very nice bhakti song, Sanedo Sanedo

i went to India after 3 years....and everywhere i went i could hear this song.....really nice.

i miss Ahmadabad, cant wait for my next trip

Man i love this raas/garba, it is awesome it reminds of India. I love India.

Maniraj he is the gujju MJ...... I had attained his last Garba concert in Pioneer, Rajkot..... on the 8 day of Navaratri and other morning I read he is dead, I was shocked, he was an awesome artist.

sanedo bhai bhai sanedo

Daddy Likes this song! Ha

Best SaNedo Again

sanedo senado ..... 5 rupeya ni potali lide nd police pakdi gae hahahah my god goood nes

avo to kai sanedo hota hase !

Sanedo Jovo Hoy to Mehsana Avo !

hii, i m Amit patel from Australia, after watching ur clip, i miss India so much yaar, i m also from Ahmedabad. Navratri really i miss so so much.

bahu saras che mane vadodara ni yaad apavi abhar

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