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Vande Mataram lyrics - A R. Rahman

Second video is of the live performance of Vande Mataram, by A. R. Rehman at LA USA, in A. R. Rehman Concert.

To Download Vande Maatarm videos you can visit the following downloads links provided by You Tube Link for 1st Video
link for second video.

Also there is another video of Vande Mararm By A R Rehman on you Tube.

This patriotic song can be will be added in the Independence songs for 15th August

Vande Mataram song was made in an album Vande Mataram (1997) on India's 50th anniversary of independence of India.

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You might also like to watch classic Vande Matarm sung by Lata Mangheskar. Lyrics of the classic Vande Matram from old Hindi Movie is also given in the above post.

Vande Matarm lyrics, song by in English Text or Words

album: Vande Mataram
music director: A. R. Rahman
songwriter: mehboob
singer: a r rahman


vande mataram

vande mataram
vande maataram vande maataram
vande maataram vande maataram
vande maataram vande maataram
vande maataram vande maataram

yahaan wahaan saaraa jahaa dekh liya hai
kahi bhi tere jaisaa koi nahin hai
assi nahi sau din duniya ghooma hun
nahi kahi tere jaisa koi nahi hai

main gayaa jahaa bhi bas teri yaad thi
jo mere saath thi mujhko tadpati rulati
sabse pyaari teri surat pyaar hai bas teraa pyaar hi

maa tujhe salaam (2)
ammaa tujhe salam
vande maataram vande maataram (4)

jahaan tu hain vahaan main teraa hun diwaanaa main
jhumu naachu gaaun tere pyaar ka taraana main
chandaa nahin sooraj nahin duniyaa ki daulat nahin
bas lootunga tere pyaar ka khajaana

ek nazar jab teri nazar jab teri
hoti hai pyaar ki hoti hai pyaar ki
duniyaa tab to meri chamke damke mehke re
teraa chehara sooraj jaisa chaand si thand hai pyaar main

vande mataram vande mataram (3)
vande mataram

tere paas hi main aa rahaa hun apni baahen khol de
jor se mujhko gale lagaa le mujhko phir wo pyaar de

maa maa maa

tu hi jindagi hai tu hi meri mohabbat hai
tere hi pairo mein jannat hai tu hi dil tu jaan maa

maa tujhe salam
maa tujhe salam
amma tujhe salam
maa tujhe salam
vande mataram vande mataram (4)
vande mataram
vande mataram vande mataram (4)

Meaning of vande mataram song lyrics or translation of the song in English


i pray to you, o mother

here and there, i have seen the entire world
but, there is no one anywhere like you
i have travelled across the world, not for eighty, but for a hundred days
no one anywhere, like you no one is there
wherever i went, only your memories were there
that had accompanied me, torturing me, making me weep
your face is the loveliest of them all, your affection is the only love

oh mother! i salute to you

wherever you are, i am there, i am mad after you
i swing, i dance, i sing, the song of your love
i don't want the moon, nor the sun, nor the wealth of this world
i will only loot the treasure of your love

one glance of yours
you cast on me, filled with love
then my world shines, glitters, smells
you face is like the sun, the coolness of the moon is in your love

i am going to come near you, you please spread your arms
and hug me enthusiatically, grant me again that love of yours
oh mother!, oh mother!, oh mother!
only your are the life, only you are my love

the paradise lies only in your feet, you are my heart, you are my life, oh mother!

Lyrics of Vande Mataram by A. R. Rahman in Hindi Script


वन्दे मातरम

वन्दे मातरम
वन्दे मातरम वन्दे मातरम (३)

यहाँ वहाँ सारा जहा देख लिया है
कही भी तेरे जैसा कोई नहीं है
अस्सी नहीं सौ दिन दुनिया घूमा हूँ
नहीं कही तेरे जैसा कोई नहीं है

मैं गया जहा भी बस तेरी याद थी
जो मेरे साथ थी मुझको तडपाती रुलाती
सबसे प्यारी तेरी सूरत प्यार है बस तेरा प्यार ही

माँ तुझे सलाम (२)
अम्मा तुझे सलाम
वन्दे मातरम वन्दे मातरम (४)

जहां तू हैं वहां मैं तेरा हूँ दीवाना मैं
झूमु नाचू गाउन तेरे प्यार का तराना मैं
चन्दा नहीं सूरज नहीं दुनिया की दौलत नहीं
बस लूटूँगा तेरे प्यार का खजाना

एक नज़र जब तेरी नज़र जब तेरी
होती है प्यार की होती है प्यार की
दुनिया तब तो मेरी चमके दमके महके रे
तेरा चेहरा सूरज जैसा चाँद सी ठण्ड है प्यार मैं

वन्दे मातरम वन्दे मातरम (३)
वन्दे मातरम

तेरे पास ही मैं आ रहा हूँ अपनी बाहें खोल देत
जोर से मुझको गले लगा ले मुझको फिर वो प्यार दे

माँ माँ माँ

तू ही जिंदगी है तू ही मेरी मोहब्बत है
तेरे ही पैरो में जन्नत है तू ही दिल तू जान माँ

माँ तुझे सलाम (२)
अम्मा तुझे सलाम
माँ तुझे सलाम
वन्दे मातरम वन्दे मातरम (४)
वन्दे मातरम
वन्दे मातरम वन्दे मातरम (४)

Some comments from you tube for these videos and other video featuring this song

simply amazing!

Awesom...Rihman rocks....I am from Afghanistan and I love him from the bottom of my heart. Apart from his musical tallent, he seems a super noble person. Congrats on your new developments, AR. You deserve more and more and more

Salute to motherland and salute to A.R.Rahman!
Your music and voice carry so much emotions. I love your music and humbleness.
I wish I learn to choose love over hatred.

Jai Ho!

Hindustan Zindabad., Sub kuch khurbaan meri jaan tujper mea jahaan hindustan

o god i am blessed i got birth in India
India my country my love

this song has so much vibration. it is so passionate and doesn't just feel like some song. with every second of this song, you want to throw your hands up and thank the lord for such giving us such a beautiful country.
beautiful cannot describe this is something far more..something every Indian can feel. thank you rahman for this song and video.

these patriotic songs should be telecasted regularly on private channels so children will be more united

i had tears in my eyes after listening to song ! Missing India so much !

Indians should just stop saying they love only India. why not go a step further saying ' we love the globe'...after all India is not the only country in the world.

amazing song
rehman rocks

Thanks Rehman to give us this song this song shows us every Indian love our country. Jai Hind.

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