Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ramakrishna Sharanam - Chants

Ramakrishna Sharanam chants dedicated in spirit of surrender to the Guru Ramakrishna Paramhamsha. Surrender to God or Guru and importance of Chanting of God’s name, were on one of the top list of Ramakrishna’s teaching. Ramakrishna Parmahamsha himself used to get in Divine ecstasy (Samadhi State) during the chanting of God’s name and singing of bhajans. The divine fervor would touch and take over those with divine and guileless nature.

This is a divine video clip with divine chants and good pictures of Sri Ramakrihsna Paramhamsha. Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna is the divine gift each and every spiritual aspirant should read and imbibe the divine and devotional qualities along with the deep knowledge provided in simple form, with divine love and grace.
Some comments for this video on youtube
I'm born Christian, but as a child I read the life of Gautama Buddha and decided that true is not a possession of just one form of religion. Then, during my early 20s, I read the history of Sri Ramakrishna; he should be loved and respected even for practicing Christians, because he even had a vision of Our Lord Christ!. There is only one God, but has many faces and names, and Sri Ramakrishna is the union of all them in our time. He is the saint of the world
you are true Sri Ramakrishna is the prophet of harmony
I have gone through many similar forums and blogs and my faith in Sri Ramakrishna and Swamiji has only increased hundredfold if not thousand fold.
Not blind faith, but faith which is backed with reason and divine inspiration.

when elephant makes its way through market dog barks.......Our I deals never believe in criticize any man or org. so
just be good and do good that's all
my brother

yes indeed 1st you should test and the hold lord's feet tightly in one hand and work in 2nd hand and when your duty is over hold both of his feet

Jai Thakur Ramakrishna!

Ramakrishna: A Documentary

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