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Surdas Bhajan - Darshan Do Ghanshyam - mp3 - Lyrics

Video song - Darshan do Ghanshyam

Darahan Do Gansyahm

Darshan do Ganshyam is a very popular Krishna Bhajan written by bhakt Surdas. Bhakt (Devotee Surdas) was a dedicated devotee of Lord Krishna, who sung devotional songs (bhajans) and attracted many on the path of divine love and devotion to  God.

The Hindi song in the video above, is a krishna bhajan from the old Hindi movie, “Narsi Bhagat”. The song is sung by Hemant Kumar, Suddha Malhotra and Manna De.

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Rough translation of this bhajan or Hindi devotional song sung in the above video.

O God give me darshan, my eyes are thirsty for same. Awaken the flame of my temple mind. Your idols are  in various Temple, yet i cannot see your face. Ages have passed, yet the full moon day of our merging has not yet come.

When the doors of your compassion are opened, the dumb sings in all seven notes. The blinds are able to see and the lame are able to walk.

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Akhiyan Hari Darshan Ki Pyaasi

Lyrics of Darshan Do Ganshyam in English script

Darhan do Ganshyam naath, meri anhkhiyaa pyaasi re
Man mandir ki jyot jagaa de, ghat ghat ke vaasi re,
Darshan ……..
Mandir Mandir murat teri, fir bhi naa dikhe Surat Teri
yug bite naa aayi milan ki purnamaasi re.
Darshan ……..
Dwaar daya kaa jab Tu khole, pancham sur main gungaa bole
Andhaa dekhe langadaa chale, kar pahunche Kaasi re.

Lyrics of Darshan Do Ganshyam in Hindi script

दर्शन दो  गंश्याम  नाथ, मेरी अंखिया प्यासी रे
मन मंदिर की ज्योत जगा दे , घट घट के वासी रे,
दर्शन ……..
मंदिर मंदिर मूरत तेरी, फिर भी ना दिखे सूरत तेरी
युग बीते ना आई मिलन की पूर्णमासी रे.
दर्शन ……..
द्वार दया का जब तू खोले, पंचम सुर मैं गूंगा  बोले

 अंधा देखे लंगडा चले, कर  पहुंचे  कासी  रे

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