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Meerabai bhajan - Mhara re Giridhar Gopal - mp3 download - Lyrics

Hindi Video Song  - Mhare re Girdhar Gopal - Listen online.

This one is a good Hindi devotional bhajan of Meerabai, sung in the golden voice of Lata Mangeshkar - classical.. The lyrics and meanings of the Hindi bhajan is written on the screen as the devotional song moves on. Girdhar Gopal is the name of Lord Krishna, and Mirabai sung all the songs dedicated to her beloved Krishna. So this can be an addition to Krishna devotional songs.

Singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Music : Hridaynath Mangeshkar
Rajasthani bhajan

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Below are the lyrics and meaning of Mhara re Girdhar Gopal in English 

Mhara re Girdhar Gopal dusara na koi

(I have Girdhar Gopal and none else)

Sadha sakal lok joyaa dusraa naa koi

(I have seen all the people, but there is no one else)

bhaya chadya bandha chadya sadya saaga soya

(My family and my relatives abandoned me)

Sadhu sang baith baith lok laaj khoyaa.

(Associating with saint and sages i lost my prestige in the eyes of people)

Mhara re Girdhar Gopal dusara na koi

Bhaghar dekhiyaa raaji hyaa lagat dekhyaa royaa

(Looking at devotees i felt happy, looking worldly people makes me sad)

dudh math ghrut kadh liya dar diya choya

(I churned the milk, saved the milk and discarded the remainder)

Rana vish ro pyaalaa bhejiyaa piy magan hoyaa

(Rana sent a bowlfull of poisen, i drank with devotion and felt one with God)

Meera ri lagan lagyaa hod hoj hoyaa

(Meera is attracted towards the divine krihsna, come what may)

Mhara re Girdhar Gopal dusara na koi

Some of the comments for this video on the youtube

Thank you so much for this video and the translations... It makes understanding and appreciating the song better! Thank you so much! :) 
one great this My Guru told me about this particular bhajan is that Lataji who has been singing semi classical or bollywood songs has sung this song keeping in mind all the rules of Pure classical singing with such perfection that the best of classical singers wud get a complex.... amazing...
Mhara Re Giridhar Goal Dusara Na Koya....Says it all.Drank the poison in Devotion....Meera Re Lagan Laya ,Hod Hoj Hoya.........Gives strenght to face the worst,really.Thanks a lots SJ......What can be said about Hridaynath and Lata?Wohi bhagwan ke log hai!
This bhajan gives me the strength to cope with all that I am going through. Lord Krishna let me hold onto Your name as You wash away my karma...hold me close and dont let me be swept away in Maya and ignorance. Let me see reality for what it matter how painful and realise that I see only a fraction of my all of my karma ,You see it in its entirety. I surrendered to You to do and asked You to do what was karmically best for give me the Strength and Courage to deal with it.
sir ,uploading of these precious gems is a great service to humanity . you don't know how much happiness is being given to others by these divine bhajans by lata di .
Thank you .... bliss!

Appreciate the transliterations as well! 
I'm so glad you reuploaded this. This is my favorite bhajan. Thanks!  

Thanks for uploading this song. Very nice to listen Lataji singing in gujarati. Please try to upload all Meera bhajans by Lataji.
Hey great man its good to see you back.....

It felt like a heart break when i lost my favorite Meera Bai Bhajans...

Such a relief now....

Hope you'll soon ad "Radha Pyari" & "Gadh se to Meerabai Utari"

Please do it man and I have subscribed to your Channel as well.  

divine ! divine! divine! thanks!

superb piece of music


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beautiful song!

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Beautiful Bhajan of Meera ji and sung by my most favorite singer Lata ji. Thank you very much for posting this :)

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