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Radha Dhund rahi – Krishna song

Kirshna song, Navratri song
Another video of same Radha Krishna song in male and female voices
This is one of the good and popular Krishna songs. The theme of the song, Radha is searching for her beloved Krishna, also known as Shyam. Although the theme of the song is that of sadness. The lover searching for her beloved, the song has been sung in much festive and happy mood.
Also the video clips suggests that it one of the popular Navratri songs too.

Radha dhund rahi lyrics in English text with meaning in English

Radha dhundh rahi kisi ne mera Shyam dekha
(Radha is searching, have anyone seen my Shyam?)
Shyam dekha ghanshyam dekha
(have you seen shyam? have you seen ghanshyam?)
Radha Tera Shyam hamne Mathura main dekha,
(Radha we have seen your Shyam (Krishna) in Mathura)
Bansi bajate huain, O Radha Tera Shyam dehka
(Playing on the flute, O Radha we saw your Shyam)
Radha tera Shyam hamne Gokul main dekha
(Radha we have seen your Shyam (Krishna) in Gokul)
gaiya charate huain O Radha …………..
(We saw Him with the gracing cows)
Radha Dhund rahi ………….
Radha Tera Shyam hamne Vrindavan main dekha
(Radha we have seen your Shyam (Krishna) in Vrindavan)
Raas rachate huain O Radha Tera ………..
(Dancing with love, we saw him O Radha)
Radha Tera Shyam humne Gatipura main dekha
Goverdhan Uthate huain O Radha……
(We saw your Shyam lifting the Goverdhana)
Radha ……..
Radha Tera Shyam hamne Sarvajan main dehka
(Radha, we saw your Shyam in every soul)
Radha Radha japte huain O Radha Tera Shyam dekha
(We saw Him Cahnting Radha Radha)
Shyam dekha, Ghanshyam dekha
O bansi bajate huain, O Radha ……..
(We saw him playing Bansi (Flute)

Lyrics of Radha Dhundh rahi in Hindi script

राधा ढूंढ़ रही किसी ने मेरा श्याम देखा
श्याम देखा घनश्याम देखा
राधा तेरा श्याम हमने मथुरा मैं देखा,
बंसी बजाते हुए , ओ राधा तेरा श्याम देखा 
राधा तेरा श्याम हमने गोकुल मैं देखा
गैया चराते हुए  ओ राधा  …………..
राधा ढूंढ़  रही  ………….
राधा तेरा श्याम हमने वृन्दावन मैं देखा
रास रचाते हुए  ओ राधा तेरा  ………..
रधा  तेरा श्याम हमने गतिपुरा मैं देखा
गोवेर्धन उठाते हुए ओ राधा ……
राधा ……..
राधा तेरा श्याम हमने सर्वजन मैं देखा 
राधा राधा जपते हुए  ओ राधा तेरा श्याम देखा
श्याम देखा, घनश्याम देखा
ओ बंसी बजाते हुए, ओ राधा  ……..

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