Friday, January 28, 2011

He mat meri – Pratigya – Star Plus

This is the Hindi devotional song from Pratigya Star plus serial (Hindi) episode of 27th January 2011. This song is the part of pratigyaa youtube channel (pratigya001).

From the this tv serial cast Amma played by Amita Udgata starts this Hindi devotional song in praise of Durge Maa. later pratigya (Puja Gor joins the song).

Hey Maat meri star plus (pratigya) Hindi song  lyrics in English Text

Hey mat meri, hey mat meri (2)
Kaisi ye der lagayi he Durgey
Hey …….
Bhavsagar main ghire pade hain
Pramadi greh main gire pade hai (2)
Moh adi jaalo me jakde pade he
Hey maat meri …….

Charan kamal ki nauka  bana kar Maa
ham par hoge khushi mana kar
Yamduto ko mar bhaga kar
He mat meri ……….

Pratigya Star Plus song He Mat mori Lyrics in Hindi

हे मात मेरी, हे मात मेरी (2)
कैसी ये देर लगायी हे दुर्गे
हे मात  …….

भवसागर में घिरे पड़े हैं
प्रमादी ग्रह में गिरे पड़े है (2)
मोह आदी जालों  में जकड़े पड़े हे
हे मात मेरी …….

चरण कमल की नौका  बना कर माँ
हम पार होगे ख़ुशी मना कर
यमदूतों को मार भगा कर
हे मात मेरी ……….

Below are two more full version Durge song from you tube

Another full version by Narendra Chanchal

Some selected and good meaningful comments from youtube from full version videos
  • Absolutely speechless tears came in my eyes after listen to this bhaint Jai Mata Di
  • Jai Mata di, Amazing work, efforts highly appreciated bro... Maa also liked it so much, you can see for yourself, by the response of devottees. Maa aapki sab mansa puri kareegi...Jai mata di..
  • Great production.
  • Thank you for finding words to tell about us:) to the mother:) you devotion is beautiful:) Durga Devotee Ji:)
  • This is one of my favourite bheints combined with many beautifully edited images, I love this so much bro! Jai Mata Di!
  • Awesome Very Beautiful wonderful. Its very beautiful bheint n video too. New images r very so nice I love this bheint. thanks for uploading. great work. keep it up. May Meri Rani Maa Bless u ever. Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di
  • Jai Mata Ki, Thanks uploading such wonderful video of Maa.

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