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Chala Vahi Des – Lyrics – download mp3 – Lata Mangeshkar

Chala Vahi Des is one of the Krishna Devotional songs of Meera.

This song not from any Hindi film but was sung by Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar live at Royal Albert Hall, London. In the youtube video you watch online, Lata Mangeshkar explains or give the meaning of Chala Vahi Des song in Hindi.

She says that Chala vahi des, let’s go to that country or region. It does not matter if one wears a colorful saree or dress. Or one wears bhagva, the robe of sanyasin (monk). It does not make in difference.

Lata Mangeshkar adds, that she think that, When every artist, when he starts taking steps towards his goal. The artist also has the similar sentiments or feelings. She adds that when the songs ends, the orchestra will start. The music of this song is directed and compsed by Hridaynath. See adds that, perhaps the fusion of eastern and western music will happen during this Hindi devotional song or bhajan.

This is a very short devotional song sung by Lata Mangeshkar

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Chala vahi des lyrics in English Text

Chala wahi des,
Pritam pava, jalaan wahi des

Kaho kusumbi saari rangawa,
kaho tho bhagawa bhes.

Kaho to motiyan maang bharaava,
kaho chhitkaava kes.

Meera ke prabhu Giridhar naagar,
sunajo Birad naresh

Meaning or translation of Chala vahi Des in English

Lets go to that region, to be one with my love
It does not matter if i have to wear colorful attire or if i have to wear saffron robe (meant for monks).
It does not matter if i have to decorate my hair with pearls, or i have to leave my hair disheveled.
Meera’s Girdhar Naagar (her love Lord Krishna)
Oh listen the king of Birad.

Chala vahi des lyrics in Hindi or Devanagri script below

चाला वाही देस,
प्रीतम पावा, जालान वाही देस

कहो कुसुम्बी साड़ी रंगवा,
कहो तो भगवा भेस.

कहो तो मोतियाँ मांग भरावा,
कहो छित्कावा केश 

मीरा के प्रभु गिरिधर नागर,
सुनजो बिराद नरेश


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