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Mahashivratri Stotram - Shiv Tandav Stotram

Hindi religious video music with subtitles (English translation on top and Sanskrit scripture at the bottom) of Shiv Tandav Stotram. Artist Uma Mohan.

A good addition to Hindi music videos dedicated to Mahashivratri Songs.

 You can see Shiva Tandava Strotram song - Lyrics - Meaning 

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314159265352 the one who has uploaded this Hindi Video Song has also posted the meaning of Shiva Tandav Stotram verse by verse in English txt. Below it is.

Maha Shiva Ratri Songs
शिव ताण्डव स्तोत्रम् - Shiva Tandava Stotram

Meanings (only English text because of lack of space)
With his neck, consecrated by the flow of water flowing from the
thick forest-like locks of hair, and on the neck, where the lofty snake
is hanging garland, and the Damaru drum making the sound of
Damat Damat Damat Damat, Lord Siva did the auspicious dance of
Tandava and may He shower prosperity on us all.

I have a very deep interest in Lord Siva, whose head is glorified by
the rows of moving waves of the celestial river Ganga, agitating in
the deep well of his hair-locks, and who has the brilliant fire flaming
on the surface of his forehead, and who has the crescent moon as a
jewel on his head.

May my mind seek happiness in the Lord Siva, in whose mind all the
living beings of the glorious universe exist, who is the sportive
companion of Parvati (daughter of the mountain king), who controls
invincible hardships with the flow of his compassionate look, who is
all-pervasive (the directions are his clothes).

May I seek wonderful pleasure in Lord Siva, who is supporter
of all life, who with his creeping snake with reddish brown hood and
with the luster of his gem on it spreading out variegated colors on the
beautiful faces of the maidens of directions, who is covered with a
glittering upper garment made of the skin of a huge intoxicated

May Lord Siva give us prosperity, who has the moon (relative of the
Cakora bird) as his head-jewel, whose hair is tied by the red snake-
garland, whose foot-stool is grayed by the flow of dust from the
flowers from the rows of heads of all the Gods, Indra/Vishnu and others.

May we get the wealth of Siddhis from Siva's locks of hair, which
devoured the God of Love with the sparks of the fire flaming in His
forehead, who is bowed by all the celestial leaders, who is beautiful
with a crescent moon

My interest is in Lord Siva, who has three eyes, who has offered the
powerful God of Love into the fire, flaming Dhagad Dhagad on the
flat surface of his forehead who is the sole expert artist of drawing
decorative lines on the tips of breasts of Parvati, the daughter of
the mountain king.

May Lord Siva give us prosperity, who bears the burden of this
universe, who is lovely with the moon, who is red wearing the skin,
who has the celestial river Ganga, whose neck is dark as midnight
of new moon night covered by many layers of clouds.

I pray to Lord Siva, whose neck is tied with the luster of the temples
hanging on the neck with the glory of the fully-bloomed blue lotuses
which looked like the blackness (sins) of the universe, who is the
killer of Manmatha, who destroyed Tripuras, who destroyed the
bonds of worldly life, who destroyed the sacrifice, who destroyed the
demon Andhaka, the destroyer of the elephants, and who controlled
the God of death, Yama.

I pray to Lord Siva, who has bees flying all over because of the sweet
honey from the beautiful bunch of auspicious Kadamba flowers, who
is the killer of Manmatha, who destroyed Tripuras, who destroyed the
bonds of worldly life, who destroyed the sacrifice, who destroyed the
demon Andhaka, the killer of the elephants, and who controlled the
God of death, Yama.

Lord Siva, whose dance of Tandava is in tune with the series of loud
sounds of drum making Dhimid Dhimid sounds, who has the fire
on the great forehead, the fire that is spreading out because of the
breath of the snake wandering in whirling motion in the glorious sky.

When will I worship Lord Sadasiva (eternally auspicious) God, with
equal vision towards the people and an emperor, and a blade of grass
and lotus-like eye, towards both friends and enemies, towards the
valuable gem and some lump of dirt, towards a snake and a garland
and towards varied ways of the world

When will I be happy, living in the hollow place near the celestial
river, Ganga, carrying the folded hands on my head all the time, with
my bad thinking washed away, and uttering the mantra of Lord Siva
and devoted in the God with glorious forehead with vibrating eyes.

Whoever reads, remembers and says this best stotra as it is said here,
gets purified for ever, and obtains devotion in the great Guru Siva.
For this devotion, there is no other way. Just the mere thought of
Lord Siva indeed removes the delusion.

Part 15:

Phalastuti - reward of Chanting or singing Shiv Tandav Sotram

Pujavasanasamaye dashavaktragitam

Yah shambhupujanaparam pathati pradoshhe

Tasya sthiram rathagajendraturangayuktam

Lakshmim sadaiva sumukhim pradadati shambhuh

There are too many good comments for this Hindi Video Song on youtube. Below are some selected and edited (Grammar and spellings) ones.

Who is the artist and why isn't there the 15th verse of the mantra?

Thank you for this video.

Awesome, my nerves were stiffened. I gone breathless. Wise editing. I am so regardful to have seen this video song. OM SHIVAAYA NAMAHA...HARA HARA MAHADEVA...

Please any body send me the link to download this version of Shiva Tandava Stotram at

Nice song

Nice editing man.

Who recited this? Awesome. Could not sleep man..

Har Har Mahadev.

Wow! This is so powerful ! It gave me such energy!

And I am not even Hindu, man. Amazing :)

May God bless you and your family. : )

Thanks for uploading.


Subtitle in song is going fast but no prob any one can pause it and learn

u done a great job.

Absolutely beautiful. The text, the music and the vocals. Very well done by the poster as well. thx for sharing.

Hi, you made me understand the real meaning of stotram like guru dhakishina murthy. Just that subtle in English does go fast, try changing the background of eng subtitles and can it be made to run slower than bfore .....just a thought ...... :-).

I agree that English subtitles are going too fast.. but that's because text is long and soft is fast one... I tried, but could not make it slower than that.

Probably need a non scrolling sub titles to understand better. I will keep in mind in case I redo it.

May lord shiva bless us all with peace and happiness.Jay shiva shankara

I heard it for the first time..

And i'm in love with it.  gr8..!!

Om Namah Shivaya, I don't have words to describe, actually i'm no one to comment,I heard this for the 1st time, although I'm a Hindu! Lord i love you.

Wish we have a translation explaining the meaning of these Sanskrit words...

Boom Shankar sab ke andhar.....satyam shivam sundaram!!

Who is the artist singing?

I need to get this CD/mp3! :-)

Thank you - especially for the english translation :)

Auspicious one Aum Nammah Shivaye!

Not gods, humanoids from Inner Earth, ascended beings, & we can all be just like them - Ascended!


thanks for the lyrics... it's great if we can read devanagri. we could learn this beautiful sanskrttam language :D

The translation. English translation on top and Sanskrit scripture at the bottom. I mean, seriously, amazing work!

Shiva - The God who controlled the death.

Har har mahadev

Om Namah Shivaya :)

Hell is not but death, but death is only the beginning.
Pray go on. I bet u don't have much of an idea after that. Talk is cheap.

Will someone please confirm for me the above lyrics are right?

Great Job man ! Its cool !
Where can i get such music. i love this mix from dance and meditation musik. sorry this is the first time listening for me;-) how is this genre called?? please give me more information about such great music ...please

it's a mix of tandav. Basicly tandav is based on drum-beats and some classical instruments, here we have all these things but with a light western touch.

Har Har Mahadev

 i can´t find anything about tandav mixed with drum-beats... this mix is amazing i need more please would rock my life if you send me some artist names with the SAME music ...please .... do understand which way of music i mean??? Indian mixed with house or even better electronic sounds ....:-)

 even didn't find any thing like this kind of music, that is lovely. Bur i heard the album where this stotram is contained, and if i don't remember bad there are other songs like this. Album name's The Divine Chants Of Shiva.

I really feel my Shiva,when hearing this song.,its existing my energy.,thank you,,and expecting more from u uma.,

Good  very good shiv tandav

This is really good video. Such a nice photos. Friend this is the best video for Shiv Tandav Stotram. energetic while singing.


A beautiful blend of carnatic and western music.....and what great offering should uma mohan give to the one who shows how to blend music and the way to blend it

This is the Message to all who are on this page.



AND IF NOT..............

please take my sincere apology;;;;; sorry i cant help you.

but remember

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This is Tandav Stotra and not pop dance, why the tune is so western. It should be sung in devotional yet in aggressive style as it depicts the Lord Shiva in His most active style. This is not proper.

LoL this was sung by Ravan when his arms where under the himalaya parwast, so i guess he shouldn't be aggressive and arrogant in that moment so this is the right way to perform this outstanding stotram.


The Maha_Kaal and Har Har Mahadev!

Es lebe der Hinduismus :-)

Feel very sorry for increasing the hit count.

and i feel sorry for ur ignorance.

Nah! Don't bother. You don't have to.

Its real cool composition !!!

Uma Mohan did a great job !!

This is one of my favorites!!

I am Shiva fan !!

 It was not written by Uma Mohan if that's what you meant.

The song was composed by the Sri Lanka king Ravana after Shiva showed him who's da man. He was the 2nd incarnation of Vishnu's devotee and had to be killed by Vishnu's avatar. This was his second incarnation's composition.

Only someone like Lord Shiva can have a mantra as powerful as this! Powerful and soul touching! Har Har Mahadev! Pls guide us all through the dark times on your planet!


deeply spiritual

but let us try to find those missing para, and those who like to recite it please learn its meaning also with research mind set, for e.g the meaning of ninth verse and 1oth one is nearly same and it happens bcoz ravan is utmost pain as his hand is crushed by weight of Shiva toe underneath Kailash and the stotra is created to please him struggling against the pain and his struggle can be seen in the lines, the ten headed has lost creativity and is repeating the pleasing context , there are other 2

and the last para we are reciting is not what the great ravana has created originally to please Shiva but to justify missing part some one has added, you might have read puja wasana samaya duswakra geetam... this one is cleverly added, still even that idam hi mewa mukta is also artificial, these line doesn't justify the theme of song can u imagine ravan praying his god will claim that one he who recites my song for u will be in favourable condition these and that. i.e arogant

Brother u lost 2 more column,

nilimpanath nagari kadamba maula mallika, nigumpha nirjharatcharan madhursmika manohara, tanotuno mano mridung vinod nima harnisham, parashriya parmpadantdangjat dyusachya ha, prachandawad wanara pravasu vapracharini mahastasiddhikamini janavahuta jalpan, wimukta vamalochano vivahakalika dhawani siveti mantra vhushano jagat jayaaya jayatam

only after these column your 14 and 15 para comes, and if you and your last para is artificially added

too good


Brothers Dont reply them. . "TO destroy Devil prevails and to establish Dharma I incarnate age by age"-Lord krsna.

And they are insulting the destroyer himself: beyond time -The mahakaal

You're right.


Chanting your name, Moksha I can find

Slays all evil, gaze of your third eye

this song is truly amazing

om nama shiva!

Om Namah Sivaya, Om Siva Tandavaya!

har har mahadev


a great Stotra

Proud to be a Devotee of lord SHIVA-the starting and the ending of universe

Great storam video of all the video of shiv tandav stotram. I am in heaven listening this video


It is an amazing, electrifying composition. I would like to tell all that unlike the West which has travelled on 'outward' journey, the Orient has travelled on the 'internal' journey. That is why the West has excelled in writing history, whereas the East has written 'Puranas, Quran, Guru Granth Saahib etc.' The basic meaning of the Eastern thought is 'though this has not happened but it always happens like this'. So we must welcome new music, concepts and ways to express the existing tenets.

am very very lucky to hear this great sutra

"om namah shivaya"

many of us knows that shiv tandav stotram is only a hynm but it is a mantra it is says that if you sing shiv tandav strotam every evening, goddess laxmi will never go far from you, i don't say this our Veda, and Upanishads says this

Jai Shiv Ji Jai!

Great and divine video

I feel myself fortunate hearing this holy Stotram

Om Namah Shivaya...

My middle name is Shiva. Im the destroyer reincarnated and i give this song a 5/5 and those who leave rude comments on here will feel my wrath and be destroyed

Om Namah Shivai

"Shiv Tandava Stotra" sung by the Mighty Demon King Ravana himself praising the Lord of Lords, Maheshwara.

What is the lyrics? can someone tell me the mantra?

the lyrics are the shiv tandav strotram. Sung by devotee dmon king raavan when he went to kailasa mountain to uproot it from the base. Lord shiva was sitting on kailasa mountain. Raavana lifted the mountain but Lord shiva pressed his toe against the mountain and raavan s hand were crushed under mountain kailasa. So at this moment he creatd shiv tandav strotam that pleased Lord shiva.

Om Namah Shivayah !!

Hinduism is not rigid, So one can reach God in the way he wants, but one's intention should be good.Remix like these surely meant to increase popularity of Hinduism and its great teachings , So it should be promoted and appreciated.

In the movie Luck (2009). There were scenes that had this strotam incorporated into it.

wonderful.......... truly amazing song....

i like this remix a lot....

the music gives a lot of bushbams ......

really nice but cant believe that its written by ravana.......

really he was a great devotee....

omm namah shivay

jai shri ram

OM namah shivay

ebat nado takuyu sucaru kak krishna pizda blya

Can someone please tell me where I can buy this CD?

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People have right to worship god through anyway they want. If you truly dislike the song, please ignore the song and continue with your blissful and merry life.

Good luck to you. Om nama shiva!

Exactly! Shiva Tandava Stotra is not meant to be sung in a particular way! Its the devotion that matters not the tune in which it is sung. Evidently by the comment ratings, youtubers like this. There is no point in clinging rigidly to an old concept. People should be free to appreciate the divine in any way they want, old or new.

I agree with karthikonly; people are free to worship however they desire, as long as they worship.

Also, understand that true peace does not come from listening to peaceful sounds. Even if a room is silent, one can still burn with anger, lust, or any of a host of other demons.

"Even by remaining silent, inner silence is not obtained".

Besides, the actual lyrics of the stotram are hardly peaceful or tranquil. They're quite energized, actually. It about a vigorous dance, anyway.

Really amazing... thnks

Marvelous. Thank you. Could you pls raise speed of text at some places where speed of audio beats it. Pls try to get text scrolled till center the time it appears in audio. Sorry, asking for all this favour as it really helps me to read and sing those tough words with audio. By the time it scrolls to center I get time to read them in advance and makes it easier to sing with audio. Thanks again.


This is a truly powerful stora. Thank you so much for posting such beautiful bhajans and mantras. Aum Namah Shivaya. Sri Parvati Har Har Mahadev!

hi , thanks for video is it possible to download this on mp3 can i please get the singer/album name, plz

i will really appreciate mate

Hey no words for this great music and singer but any body send me mp3 format of this i will be thank ful to him...JAY mAHAKAL

If you could provide me with your email ID, I can give you the mp3. Let me know through a message in case you don't wish to post the email ID here. Thanks.

Please tell audio album and company

Lord shiva s amazing person eh; the handsome hunk in kailasam .....jai bhole baba.......... i well known him chill it n check it out....

Good music, good voice, excellent compilation, really powerful...

thank you, Om NamaShivaya!!

Look at how well it rhymes.....

The language he used 'n it all describes Shiv's glory fantastic compilation
This hymn was compiled by Ravan, the ever-so-famous demon. The one and only Big-time Shiv-bhakt and he made this hymn on Lord Shiva. It's so beautiful & powerful.

Thank you. Om Namashivaya.

we need your help celestial beings and we shall all be eternally grateful for it

Siva Lingam speaks to you in the unmistakable language of silence: I am one without a second. I am formless. Pure, pious souls only can understand this language.

A curious, passionate, impure foreigner of little understanding or intelligence says: Oh, the Hindus worship the phallus. They are ignorant people. They have no philosophy. When a foreigner tries to learn Tamil or Hindustani language, he first tries to pick up some vulgar words. This is his curiosity nature

one word - awesome !!!!!!!!!!

very nice video

Thanks for posting this. Really powerful.

Har Har Mahadev!!!

If any one is a non believer then really there is no need for them to look out for these videos and give their comments. Leave the believers alone with their concepts and these concepts are centuries old and not just 100 years.. Search for something which you are intrested in .dont waste your and others time.and i request all to not start a argmt with these pplcoz they wont change and its simply waste of time....believe in yourself and the god whoever it is.....May shiv give peace to all.....

Prompt reply! Congratulations!

Absolutely love this. Thank you so much!

Suprere lord Shiva embrace my soul.....

Namaste Shravanji... only a little note: the end of the third stanza ( "all-persuasive (the directions are his clothes)") is not correctly translated in english: it's not "persuasive" but "pervasive" (omnipresent) Namaskar

Thanks for pointing that out. I added annotation to this effect. I cannot modify the video though.

you are welcome brother... It's ok...


Change it to pervasive in the video description as well.

the best power play of shiv tandav

this is beautiful | thnx for sharing it.

Om namah shivay for all , The Lord Shiva, is so best best so best more best, bestest god ......

Om namh shivay

Rajvirshing, is Shiva the Bestest ? Are you implying there are more than One ? There is only One.

With due respect, we respect the NON-believer too. God is a Concept to Organize and move forward in the direction for realizing what, why , how, when and where abouts of life and birth.

However, if you ask: why should I know these, its waste of time. Well!! we accept that even. FYI, that attitude which is getting branded and marketed by WEST for their selfishness has created entropy. Presently, the world still exists but going -VE or DEVOLVING. So unfortunate we have NOT progressed since1900

You might say we are devolving, but you should consider that not all development has to be physical, our minds and the way we think have changed greatly over the past 100 years, the concepts that we are now able to grasp is far beyond what one could accept in the 1900's, so I'm not really sure where you're going?

Looks like you speak for the sake of argument. Its not wise to throw stone on mud. It splashes back If you look at your sentences, you are contradicting your own sentences. I cannot take this any further. One of us definitely ignorant. Ignorance leads to Idiotic character. This takes to the Ego driven immarutiy. Some times Ignorance is Bliss. Lets leave it like that. Thank for replying though. I strongly believe non-believers have escaped the truth and want to claim and brand themselves.

I'm am sure that they have missed this part out. its the last part of the whole song:-

Puja vasanasamaye dashavaktragitam

Yah shambhupujanaparam pathati pradoshhe

Tasya sthiram rathagajendraturangayuktam

Lakshmim sadaiva sumukhim pradadati shambhuh

Brings Peace to my heart :)

Thank you for this amazing Mantra

Take Care

Jai Shiva ki Jai

Lord Siva is the Supreme Reality

The one without a second—Ekameva Advitiyam.

Siva alone exists in Himself.

He is the Impersonal Absolute Brahman.

He cannot be seen by the eyes but He can be realised within the heart through devotion and meditation,Lord Shiva is the God of all and is worshipped by All,

could you tell me the name of the album and the artist pls?

uma mohan is the artiist. the album is

divine chants of shiva.. a very good album

I love this song and the tale it is telling us. I like the way they've made it sound modern and authentic at the same time.

Wirkt irgendwie geheimnisvoll und mystisch... Gefällt mir sehr gut!

This is the best thing to happen for India.on Internet. Please bring out its richness and +VEness please. thank you .

The singer really understood the meaning and composer became Ravana himself to give that feeling. thanks once again.

on shambo shankara

Hara Hara Mahadev
Dude this is awesome.
 i dont want 2 question the sanskrit writing, but i think a few of the characters are wrong, though most of it is definitely on the dot
tahil7, thanks for your feedback. Its quite possible that some characters may not be right. Sometimes its very difficult to type typical sanskrit text unless you are expert in that area.

very good point

but you done pretty well 4 urself

wonderfull havenly !
Awesome i ve always like shiv tandav stora

awesome .....gr8 singing
I am grateful for this post...this is the best thing that can happen in the internet world /
try to obtain it good and indicated positive

you are doing great. Jai Shivshankar

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Look at 00:12 seconds. I mentioned that singer is Uma Mohan.

Thanks for mentioning this, I have been looking to know who sung this.
Its surely written by Ravan, we can feel the power of its lyrics

Great interpretation and also great images. The singer is Uma Mohan. The song is from her album Divine Chants Of Shiva (2007). I liked even better the song Nirvana Shatkam from the same album.

 Have you ever wondered why there are myriad colours in the world when we have only three primary colors i.e. red, blue and yellow?

We know that various permutations and combinations of the three primary colours lead to so many new colors. (Neutron Proton Electron... so on)

So though God is one, He manifests in various ways to perform the various individual functions in the Universe. In order to perform the various functions in the Universe Distinction shows Sadhaks immaturity.
There is only one god and he is of sanatani dharma

God is One There is No avatars of God Avatar or incarnation specifically means the idea that God takes a birth in a certain family, fulfills the intended purpose, and then gives up that form ,GOD SEND HIS ANGLES OR CHOSEN ONES or God appears He doesn't Take any Human Forms SO Only LORD SHIVA is the ULTIMATE God he has bee n in all Yogas,And Sri Rama,Krishna ,Vishnu all worshipped Him and we got Proof for that He sent all of them to protect the World Har Har Maha Dev

Om Nama Shivya

*Jay ShivaShiv*

Awesome by each corner, the Video, the Bhajan, the graphics, the english translation n all over. Here it goes on my page as Favorite. May ShivaShiv bless you for ever.

*Jai Mata Di*
its good but not very good because not good mixing...
Great stotra creative by great Shiv Devotee "RAVAN"...& 1 of my most fav...too...

OH Shiva !!!U made me U bring me in this world

U r inside of me & U r around me & I do proud to be yours & 1 Day I'LL mearge in U 4 Ever..

your video brings great joy and inspiration. thank you.
keep them comming.. love the videos.

(the english translation is moving too fast)

thanks for the videos.
Thanks. Its because long text needs to be shown in few seconds because of fast rendition. I will update description with translation.

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