Thursday, September 22, 2011

Navratri SMS messages - Happy Festival

Navratri 2011 is near. We have a good collection of Navratri Songs. These days mobile phones and smart phones are integral part of people to communicate in various way. Sending text messages (SMS) is on of the most preferred of sending Festival sms messages. Sms messages for well being, good wishes, prayers to God's and Goddesses are the simplest and effective way to wish friend and relatives, on auspicious and festive days.

So here are some mobile phones sms collection specially for Navrathri that we composed. New ones will be added.

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Good Navratri SMS Collection in English

Navratri means nine nights of devotion.
Hope the divine blessings of Maa always be with you.
Caring for you. Guiding you. Protecting you.
Happy Navratri.

Below is a Short Navrathri SMS

This Navratri i hope the divine mother showers you with wealth,
health and happiness. May the grace of divine mother always be
with you and your loved ones.

May your life be filled with
N - nice
A - aromatic.
V - vital.
R - romantic.
A - alluring.
T - thrilling.
R - rising.
I - inspiring
Wishing you Happy Navratri.

This Navratri may the nine forms of divine
mother bless you
Ma Saraswati - with knowledge and art.
Ma Kali - with protection.
Ma Lakshmi - with wealth.
Maa ShailPutri - with determination.
Maa Brahmacharini - with divine grace.
Masa Chandraghanta - with beauty and bravery.
Skand Mata - with bravery of a warrior.
Maa Katyani - annihilates your diseases, fear and agonies.
Maa Kaalratri - protects you from bad spirits.
Annapurna Mata - always fill our homes with good food.
Maha Gauri Mata - bless you with calmness and wisdom.
Maa Siddhidaatri - with Siddhis.

Mother divine is the light.
The light that burns away our sorrows.
The light that guides us. The light that
do away with dark moments of our life.
The light that protects us. The light that
fills us with happiness.
May the light of divine Mother be always
with you and your loved ones.
Happy Navratri.

Navratri teach us the way to pray while we dance.
To sing the songs while we pray.
Dance and sing your way to divine ecstasy.
Happy Navratri.

Jab koi baat bigad jaye.
Jab koi mushkil pad jaye.
Tab Maa ka saath.
Maa ke aashirwad
hamesha aap ke saath rahe, esi humari subh kamna.
Happy Navratri.

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