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Diwali 2011 - Dates

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Diwali in 2011 comes in the month of October. The day of Diwali is 26th October 2011. Diwali is the major festival of India. To the western world we can say Diwali is Christmas time for people of Hindu religion. All over India Diwali is celebrated with lighting diya (oil or wax lamps) and bursting of colourful crackers. People exchange gifts, go for vacation, school, collages and business everything witness a vacation. Diwali good wishes are exchanged by everybody. Buying of new clothes, vehicles, ornaments, household articles happens on large scale.

Actually the festive time and spiritual and social rituals is not just for one day.

So here are dates for major celebration days of Diwali in 2011 with their significance.

  • Vagh Baras or Govatsa Dwadashi or Vasu Baras - October 23rd 2011. - Usually worship and spiritual rituals are done for prosperity of Land.

  • Dhanatrayodashi or Dhan teras or Dhanwantari Triodasi -  October 24th 2011 - Worship and spiritual rituals for wealth is observed on this day.This day is special for traders and businessmen. Important purchase are made on this day. This day is considered auspicious for buying metals like utensils and kitchenware for house and also buying of precious metals like gold and silver.

  • Naraka Chaturdash or (Gujarati: Kali Chaudas, Rajasthan : Roop Chaudas) - October 25th 2011. - This day signifies victory good over evil and victory of light against darkness. People usually get up early before sunrise, take bath and perform arati.

  • Diwali or Deepavali the day of Lakshmi Puja or Lakshmi poojan October 26th 2011. - The day for worship of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi (Goddesses of wealth), and Lord Ganesh the lord of auspicious beginning and remover of obstacles. Subh Labh Mantra is also chanted or played. 
  • Hindu Calendar New Year date also  called Padwa. Day for Govardhan Puja, Annakoot is October 27th 2011. 

  • Yama Dwitiya or Bhaiduj (also Bhayyaduj, Bhaubeej or Bhayitika - is on October 28th 2011. This festive day is for Brothers and Sisters. Sisters do some spiritual rituals to show her love and respect for brothers. Brothers gives some gifts to sisters. (Gujarati: Bhai Bij, Bengali: Bhai Phota)

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