Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vikram Hazra songs and bhajans

Vikram Hazra, attending his satsangs (also known as bhajan concerts or devotional song concerts) is an experience in itself. The soulful music that comes out of his electric guitar, the divine chants or divine sanskrit slokas that he sings from his devotional heart. All this touches the heart and being of the listeners.

Those who attend the Satsang or Bhajan concert does not remain, just the listeners. They become participants as Vikram Hazra encourages them to sing along with him. Singing along is not the only thing they participate in. They participate in the joy, the bliss, the dance, the meditative mood that is created during the satsang. A journey to a different, elevating and blissful world is what his satsang has to offer.

Until now, Vikram Hazra did the devotional song concert, only as a part of Seva and Sadhna to different centers of Art of Living foundation, worldwide, and he is still doing it actively. Luckily Vikram and his band, now also perform as professional band. So if you would like to enrich a Spiritual function at your home or city, or a social function with Vikram Hazra and his band, performing live, you can contact Ajay Kadam click ---> Ajay Kadam email id, who is the manager and also a band member. You might also contact Vikram Hazra for the same, click ---> Contact Vikram Hazra.

You can also watch and listen to Vikram Hazra bhajans on Sanskar TV.

Although Live concerts with Vikram Hazra are just amazing, listening to youtube videos also gives similar experience. Below are some comments (copy pasted) describing their views and experience after listening to his video, from Om Namha Shivaya video Vikram Hazra.

  • Man this is the best example of fusion between western guitar and classical bhajan :) :D
  • This guy is AMAZING!!!! Can anyone tell me, can I buy a cd of this mans music?? I am very VERY much enjoying his music and want to listen to him more often!! Namaste! Ps only discovered him today! Thanx to one of my beautiful soul sisters over in India!
  • This guy has so much devotion in his voice... really a great blessing from him.
  • You can actually see Lord Shiva smile when Vikram sings for him :) My kids love to listen n imitate the har hara hara Om on guitar .
  • So beautiful...totally soul stirring!
  • Terrific video. It brings a smile to my face even if i am depressed like hell. the part where he sings "Hara Hara" followed by guitar "jhang jhang" is simply awesome..then suddenly the tempo goes up like anything..gawd..awsome !! He is so cool.
  • Terrificccccc.......!!!!!!!!!
    Mind Blowing... No words to share the feeling out of this bhajan.
  •  This Guy is AMAZING!!! Can anyone tell me can I buy a cd of his music??? This guy is famous right?
    I am blown away buy his musical genius!!

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